What is it??

Quite a few years ago our son, Karl, was out picking rock.  If you’re not from farm country, rock picking is just that…picking rock.  A tractor with some sort of wagon drives across the field.  Workers walk along with the wagon picking up rock as they go.  It’s a yucky job but very necessary.  Removing the rocks saves lots of equipment repair expenses at harvest.

Anyway….while Karl was picking rock, he came across this…

It is solid.  It is white.  It is about 3″ tall.  It feels like it might be porcelain.  It’s feet are broken.  There are no inscriptions on it at all.

If looking at the back it looks like a girl’s dress is up and the girl is sitting on a chamber pot.


I kept it thinking nothing of it.  My kids however, are spooked by it.  They think it looks like a little devil.

Can anyone tell me anything about it?  What is it…is it worth anything..is it a devil??  I’d love any input.

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8 thoughts on “What is it??”

  1. I agree with your kids, it is kind of creepy. The subject matter is strange too. A hooded (animal ears?) figure sitting on a pot, I guess it was someone’s idea of whimsical. I too think it looks a bit like those snow baby figurines. Perhaps these were the inspiration for them. It makes me wonder how it ended up out in the middle of nowhere. Could it be something lost and forgotten from a long ago homestead? I love finding interesting objects from bygone eras.

  2. Could it be an ornament from a grave headstone? Are there any pioneer cemeteries close by? It could have been from a pioneer child grave that was long forgotten. It is a strange thing to find out in a field picking up rocks! Will be anxious to hear if you find out what it’s from.

  3. Funny that you put that up this week. I happened to see a snippit of Antiques Road Show Monday night and they showcased a person’s collection of those little chamber pot figurines. The expert said that it was a thing back some time ago to poke fun at something that is unpleasant that we all have to endure (especially in the days before indoor plumbing.) Your son’s little piece might even be worth some money. Like Joey Mahieu said in the comment above, check out the most recent antique’s Road Show, and maybe google search “chamber pot figurines” Good luck!! :-)

  4. We like to keep our eyes out for pieces of pottery and broken dishes while we are picking rock. Someday I’m going to make a picture frame out of them. Most of them are blue and white. Always makes me wonder about the family who used them.

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