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Well friends…I hate to say it, but ZERO sewing happened this week. It has happened about 10 times since I started blogging and this week marks one of those rare weeks.

So what kept me away from the sewing machine? Life. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were all work days. I leave for work at 6:15 am-ish and aren’t home until about 5:30sih. It makes for long days. By the time I get home, take care of the dogs, eat supper, and write a blog post, it’s pretty much shot. On top of that, this week I was still in recovery mode from being gone at the cross stitch retreat over the weekend…and my son Karl and I ran away after work on Wednesday to go out to eat and to take my car in to get the oil changed.

Thursday I planned to stay home to catch up the house and get ready to host all the kids and grandkids at my house for the weekend…that didn’t happen.

I realized on Wednesday that I was late for getting my Zometa infusion. Some of you might remember that my cancer in my spine needs this treatment. It takes the calcium from my blood and moves it to my bones in an effort to beef up my spine. Being the cancer showed up in my spine, I have a 10% chance of breaking my back. UGH. I don’t want that. So I do what I can to help it.

…even if that means no sewing on my day off and not much prep for the family to come.

It’s not too bad because it only takes an hour. The nurse is top ten. Honestly, they should clone her she is so awesome.

Friday was back to work and then family started trickling in that evening…more on Saturday and by Sunday around 1:30 pm the last family had started heading home.

The forecast for the week ahead doesn’t look the best as far as yardwork goes and the weather today was perfect.

Then my son-in-law called and said if you bring your lawn mower over, I’ll service it up for you. Well…I guess that decided what I was doing with the rest of my day. There would be no sewing. Between the great weather, the predicted rain, and the offer to service the lawn mower, I knew Sunday had to be my day for yard work.

Before I could mow I wanted to clean up all the landscape and flowers. While I was doing that I made note of the new plants I put in last fall. You might remember that my friend Carla and I went to K&K Gardens last Fall on the last day of their end-of-the-year clearance. It was only a few days before Halloween. We had like that day to plant them and if it was anytime later, they for sure wouldn’t make it. You can read that post HERE.

They plants don’t look like much now, but they are growing. I bought two hardy mums for $5 each and two Clematis’ for $1.99 each. They all came back. YAHOO!!

My impatiens planters are empty. It’s too early to plant them in Iowa. We need another month.

My tulips by the Kramer Rock are ready to bloom at any time. Hopefully, they wait a few days until the rain and winds pass.

Two years ago at the end of the year clearance sale, I stocked up on tulips and hyacinths. Then I planted them at the front of my garden. The hyacinths are all beautifully blooming. I just love seeing them. The tulips need a couple of weeks yet. I can’t wait to see them.

Under the hyacinths and tulips and even more flowers that I bought the end-of-the-year clearance sale. These were only 99 cents each and they all appear to be coming back as well. Oh, happiness.

The north side of the garage got all cleaned out. I have hostas all across here. UGH. Look at the mildew on the side of the house. I need to pressure wash that. Hopefully, Craig and Kalissa will help me get the pressure washer hooked up one of these weekends and I’ll tackle that.

I had bought Clematis’ for these trellis’ at the end of the year clearance sale as well. They are small but they are coming back too. I’m so excited. I love Clematis’.

I know one thing for sure…I am hitting up that end-of-the-year clearance sale again this Fall. The plants all came back even though I planted them just a few days before Halloween and we had freezing temperatures immediately after that. YAHOO!! I spent under $50 and I now have lots of great plants that will be coming back year after year…I am doing the happy dance as I didn’t know how they would do.

but, I didn’t get any sewing done. And now you know why. Hopefully, I can do a little one on a rainy night after work. Even if it’s only for half an hour. I missed it…but I sure am happy that I got the outside work all done. Next up, it’s time to mulch everything. My son Karl volunteered to help with that. YAHOO!!

12 thoughts on “What I’m Working…”

  1. I can relate to this! My plans for each day depend heavily on what the weather is like. If it’s not raining, I’m outside doing garden jobs; if it’s raining, I’m doing inside jobs. If my inside job list is empty, I’m sewing!

  2. Gloria from CC

    Everything looks nice. We’re doing the same thing outside – one garden at a time. In between outside activities, we’re spring cleaning in the house.

  3. You know, some days you just have to do stuff around the house, go to work, etc. ;-) But what you did get done is good. And even if there was no sewing or cross stitching, you were still productive – planning for flowers, what needs to be done around the house, and just life itself. Go with the flow and do what you can, Your garden will be gorgeous!
    Love and prayers

  4. Your yard looks beautiful. It will even look really beautiful with warm weather. It’s so amazing when you plant and they live and grow! Now I’m going out to trim bushes- no sewing!

  5. Pat in Michigan

    We’re on the same program here: if it’s nice we’re working outside getting the flower beds and garden ready for planting. If it’s rainy, we’re inside talking care of household business!
    I wonder if you can give me some tips on growing clematis. I don’t seem to have success with them. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hi Pat, just a tip that came from my master gardener friend, clematis like their roots shaded. She told me to plant a hosta or another plant at the base of it to shade the roots. Worked like a charm for me.

  6. I think we all have those kinds of days/weeks. I covered my sewing machine up because I don’t think I will be able to spend anytime sewing this week – something unusual for me. Anyway, your plants are beginning to thrive and all will be beautiful and worth giving up your sewing time for them. I am so glad you have such a good son-in-law to take care of your lawn mower and then Karl to help with some other things. You are blessed with your family.

  7. You are truly an inspiration, Jo. I’m retired and have been procrastinating with all of my garden chores!! I’ve been stitching a wedding sampler for my daughter instead, trying to get it done (I did today! Yay!) before May 11th, her wedding day! Listening to all you do, while receiving cancer treatment, gives me the incentive to get my butt in gear!! I’ve got no excuses!! Blessings to you.

  8. Funny cause I’ve been very actively sewing for weeks now. I did some planting. Day lilies and I heard cutting your banana peels and placing them around the base of your plants or making a banana water and pouring it around them works wonders. Not sure if it’s good for all plants but my roses are really looking good. I want some clematis -they’ve actually been on my mind as my husbands granny had the most beautiful one on her trellis for years. I have to see what the planting zones are here. Whether you sew or sow- just enjoy the precious moments of creating or creation has to offer. Glad you’re seeming to feel better.
    In my prayers, june

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