What I’m Working On…Stitching.

Karl was home on spring break last week so I watched a movie or two with him.  One was D’jango Unchained.  UGH.  It wasn’t my style of movie…but at least I got some stitching in…


Both of these are destine to be wool pincushions.  I bought the patterns ages ago and have slowly worked on them.  The one on top is my favorite.  All of the wool work is now done but I need to embroider in the flower stems.  I am so nervous to do that so I set that one aside and started the flag one.  I don’t foresee either of these being finished any time soon but the good news is that I still love both of them.

I really don’t mind if a project lands in a UFO pile as long as I know I’ll still like it once it’s finished.  I  hate when something gets in the UFO pile and I end up hating it once it’s finished.

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  1. I really enjoyed your presentation at our guild mtg. I found it very interesting and informative. Thank you so much…sure wish I could of been at the class on Saturday.

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