What I’m Working On…Orca Bay

I am happily sewing along on my Orca Bay quilt.  I am doing the great debate, bigger or not?  As written it will finish at about 75 x 85.  I am thinking about adding one more row but then it will be uneven as far as starting and ending a row with a black star…on decisions, decisions.  I am so bad at them.


The center is finished, if I don’t add anymore to it.

I started sewing the border pieces together too.  Is anyone else making your Orca Bay bigger?  How are you doing it?


I also have my next Moda Bake Shop project I am working on but that will stay under wraps for a bit longer.

Before you go, I have a giveaway still going on…and a Quilt Square Quilt Along that you may want to check out.  To see more design walls head on over to Patchwork Times.  To seem more Orca Bay goodness, head over to Quiltville’s Quip and Snips.

21 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…Orca Bay”

  1. Jo, your quilt is beautiful!! I was also considering making mine one block larger and decided against it for the same reason as you did. I tried it on the Jamestown Landing.. and finally got it worked out, but there was a lot of “figuring”. I think, after I get the pieced border on, I may toy with the idea of adding several strippy borders using the four colors of the quilt. I figure 3 or 4-2″ borders would add a full 12 -16″ to the size of the quilt, which will get it up there where I need it. Although I have a queen size bed, we like our quilts oversized, as we don’t use a bed skirt of any kind.. I did this on my Pineapple Blossom and really liked the results and the extra inches it added. Just a thought…

  2. Wow you are quick.
    Did you turn your blue strings a different way from the
    Orca Bay layout?

    Happy Sewing and congrats on your amazing finish!


  3. Your mystery top looks really good. I am most impressed at how quickly you got those last two steps done in less than a week! Rather than extra rows could you add an additional border – maybe something a bit plain and then something scrappy pieced like the original border? Then you’d get a bigger size and still maintain the symmetry.

  4. And I thought I was keeping up with Orca Bay well! Wow–you must have been sewing all day and night! To increase the size, you would have to add 2 more rows to keep the pattern symmetrical–a lot of work! How about making more border units and increasing the width of the inner border then ‘float’ the units by adding a wide fabric border of the same fabric as the inner border. It’s a thought. . .

  5. When I get around to making it (I will, I will, I will!!!) I’ll probably just make the size Bonnie designed it at. However, if I was going to make it bigger I’d probably just add another border around the outside out of a black & cream shirting fabric, or a light background print with black, blue & red if I could find one, and bind with the black. Six inch borders all around would make it 12″ wider & longer….a pretty good size.

  6. looks great….go ahead a make it bigger, looks like some folks have given you some good ideas how.
    Did you have any problems with your geese/blue string rows being longer than the Ohio stars/ geese rows?

  7. No way am I making mine bigger – it’s too big already! And after today, I just want to scream. I would sew two rows together, then realize one of them was turned the wrong way – and that happened FOUR times! I’m so tired of ripping, and there are little tiny threads EVERYWHERE. But I can see the finish line…

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