What I’m Working On….Not Really

I have had a crazy busy week.  Normally I tell you all about the sewing I got done over the week but alas…none really happened.  I was up early  but I had childcare families coming early too.  All of my kids have been home sometime over the last week and most of them on different days.  When five come…that’s lots of visiting and that’s just the way I want it.  I will happily give up sewing time for a chance to hang out with my family.

Kayla came home on Friday.  She did what she calls “thrifted her way here”.  That means she stops at the thrift stores between her house and my house on the way.  It’s something she loves.  When she got here on Friday childcare was still happening so she jumped right in.  Here she’s trying to get Carver to drink out of cup.  I had made strawberry-banana smoothies for the kids and the only way for him to get some was with a sippy cup and so far, he needs help one.


After regular childcare was over, I got my hair cut.  It’s wonderful that one of my childcare moms also cuts hair.  She stayed late and cut it.  I so appreciate not having to go to town to get it cut and she does a great job too.  The kids however weren’t cooperating the best.  They wanted to go outside…so we went outside.  Here I am on my porch getting my hair cut.   I’m sure people in town driving by were wondering what the heck was going on.


After everyone left, Kayla had to show me her thrifted finds.  She hit the jack pot on linens.  Piece after piece that she showed me was amazing.  I think she said this one was premium and was $2!!  Gasp!  It’s a LARGE tablecloth!!


Kayla was coming as she was going to hang out with Carver while Craig and Kalissa went to a wedding.  Originally Carver was suppose to stay over but they ended up coming home early staying to chat.  They took Carver home with them so Kayla and I had Saturday free.  As much as we love the little guy we were excited to shop without a baby.

We headed to Decorah.  To do that we had to go through Calmar.  There was a big sign that said “7 Garage Sales”.   All of the garage sales were on the same street over a two block area.  It was so fun.  We parked the truck and walked.  We found one with lots of clothes for Carver and another with a HUGE box of crafty things for $3.

The we were on to Decorah…BUT wait.  There was another garage sale sign.  This one took us in Spillville and we ended getting lots of antique things there.

FINALLY on to Decorah.  We hit the Farmer’s Market.  I really wanted a bouquet of fresh flowers but we weren’t going straight home and the heat in the parked car wouldn’t have been good for them.


I got groceries and we hit the thrift stores…more on my thrift store find in another post….

Once back to my place, Kayla got to dig through her $3 box.  It was filled with yarn.


She was super happy and the box was so fun.  There would be a bag with a few skeins, then another and another and another.  It the end that box was about 3/4 of the way filled with yarn.  It was so fun watching her.

Kayla is a master at making scraps of yarn look AMAZING.  Check out this project she is working on now.  She’s been showing it off on Instagram.  You can follow her progress at @pinsneedles.

So what did I get…fabric.  I’ll tell you about that later but some things that I’ll resell too.  These are old calendars with advertising.


I also got this awesome shelf.  I’m hoping to clean this up and resell it too.  It’s a vintage piece in really good condition.  It did require lots of scrubbing though….It started like this….


See the difference a good scrubbing does!  The upper boards have been scrubbed but the lower one…just started.  YUCK!


I’m super happy with all of my finds…and speaking of finds…Hubby and I hit a sale on Sunday that I’ll tell you about tomorrow.

I’m not sure if sewing will get done or not this week.  All I know is I’m having fun doing things that aren’t sewing so I’m all okay….Everything in moderation they say.

12 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….Not Really”

  1. Reminds me so much of our running around days. We have some funny auction stories. Once we hit a country auction where the woman did knitting and sewing. Huge tarps of yarn and fabric. I could not follow the auctioneer but my husband bought enough yarn to totally fill our car (trunk, back seats and front seat on top of me). When we got it home and counted, it was over 450 skeins of yarn. We mailed it to Mom and she was in heaven.

  2. That large tablecloth looks Italian made to me, because I have one my husband bought in Italy and it looks just like it! I use mine with a sheet of clear plastic over it to save it from stains. And then I use the plastic to cover the table when I want to quilt on my domestic machine. Two uses for the plastic.

  3. What a fun time and lots of treasures were found and bought home. I recall getting my hair cut on the front porch when I was a kid, makes for easy clean up. I always love to stop at the Billy Clock Museum when we go thru Spillville, such an amazing place. I believe that part of Iowa was settled by mostly Czech folks. Carver is getting big and he is such a cute boy.

    1. They are adding a wood carving museum next to Billy Clocks. It will be a bit but might be a place you want to check out.

  4. I so love the linens- I honor the people that spent so much time on them. I have several large ones my Mom made and several of the “card table” sets. Just love them. I’d have paid a bunch more for that tablecloth.

  5. I forgot to mention- I followed on over tho the site with the fat qtr sale- I hate to pass up a bargain! I’m trying to do better at scrappy and so far mine is a ”controlled” scrappy but the price makes it easy to get a large variety and go forth as the saying goes.

  6. Did you know that your vintage calendars can be used as “real” calendars some year in the future? First, you need to know whether the calendar is for a leap year, or a non-leap year. Then look at the day of the week for January 1. Any year that has the same day of the week for January 1, and the same leap/non-leap status, will match exactly. For example, 2018 = 2007 = 2001 = 1990, and so on. Leap years repeat every 28 years. Non-leap years repeat after either 11 years or 6 years. (11-11-6-11-11-6.) Here’s a nice lilttle website where you can enter a year, and learn which past and future years match it.


    I hang a vintage calendar towel in my kitchen every year. In 2016, a leap year, I used a 1960 calendar towel.

  7. When we lived in Moscow, Russia in the 90’s folks reused their calendars like that because there just weren’t new ones. Fun that there’s an “official” site for getting the years right.

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