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Things around here are getting more busy and probably will be busy over the next month.  The kids are all coming this weekend for an early Easter celebration…Easter the next weekend…Prom the next and before I know it, Graduation Day with a big party will be here.  I don’t anticipate lots of sewing time….Gardening , projects, trips to the doctor with hubby and food preparations will all take center stage.  I enjoy all those things, but I will SO miss quilting.  I have vowed to sneak in a bit each day to try to maintain my sanity.  I’ve been trying to sneak in a star block every now and then….


I LOVE making these.  Each block is so individual.  They are all made from recycled cotton men’s shirts.  I love the ones that have yellow in them.  I am really lucky and have a thrift store near that I can purchase shirt super cheap.  I picked up few last week….10 for $1.  I don’t need anymore but I have become addicted to them.  After seeing the blocks laid out and experimenting with the fabric weights I am learning which ones to pass on and which ones to grab.  Yellow and orange…I’ll by them even if I have to pay full Goodwill price.  They are so much harder to come by but I love the way they look.


This block is my current favorite but that changes day to day….I have 35 done.  I need 53 for the quilt top but I’m planning to make a few extra to add in to some other fabrics for a scrappy backing.  I still need to find a setting fabric.  If you didn’t catch it before I did a little tutorial on making the block and getting your strips and plaids to work…you can find that here.

If you want to see what other’s are working on, you can head on over to Patchwork Times….

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  1. I have a few special shirts from my father in law who passed away in January. I have really wanted to start a quilt, but have not been motivated until now. Just this morning, I have seen two quilts from men’s shirts — I think it is a sign. Great Job!

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