What I’m Working on…besides House Cleaning.

I swear, housecleaning has taken over my life.  Today the carpet cleaners are coming…and I won’t be able to be on the computer so my house cleaning is taking me upstairs.  I have squeezed in a few 20 minute segments to sew and managed to get all of the star blocks done for the Patchwork Times, Making Ends Meet quilt.


So far I am loving the look.  I didn’t know with that busy background print…I thought it might be too busy.

I have gotten a couple comments wondering about my house cleaning.  It’s the kind of cleaning that I am going through EVERY item in the house.  All the cupboards, all the closets…everything.  I try to do it every spring and in the fall I do a milder version.  All the windows are getting washed…total house clean.  My Goodwill box is growing…I am doing a HUGE simplifying spree.  It’s so refreshing.

One thing that you should probably know about me is that when I do something…I do it BIG.  I do it whole heartedly…I do it completely.  That’s what this housecleaning has become!

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7 thoughts on “What I’m Working on…besides House Cleaning.”

  1. Jo, your project looks great with that cheddar. I wondered about your busy background, but it doesn’t seem to to conflict with your other fabrics them being much darker in color. I’m looking forward to seeing it complete. I mentioned to Judy about a Mr. Linky for this project… Sandi

  2. I sure need to do a a HUGE simplifying spree around here!! The children’s clothes are multiplying left and right as they need both seasons for the changing weather lately – I’ve got long sleeves and shorts in a stack waist deep in the corner. :/ Gotta get those put up and away soon!

    And with hubby now on the search for a new job – I really gotta get busy cleaning if we *might* be putting the home up for sale in the future…

    Love your blocks and the fabrics you choose. Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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