What I’m Working on and String Challege

I was really busy last week quilting my Scrap Crystals quilt, making Lucy’s quilt and working on a quilt for Scottie.  (More on Scottie’s quilt to come)  In between it all I was working on my little churn dash blocks.  I’ve been cutting out more blocks as I’ve gone along and finally have enough cut out.  All aren’t sewn yet but I do have 31 more to add to the tally.

I’m totally in love with the blocks.  I’ve been getting a little more risky and adventurous as I’ve been sewing.  I’ve used lots more dark prints.  I haven’t added much really light colored fabrics.  Here’s an example of a few of them.  I still think these are most cute blocks ever…don’t you?

I think I could these and make these and make these.  I think they are likely my favorite block.

I am THRILLED that I finally have all of the blocks cut out as that means I can clean up the shirt mess….and oh what a mess I have.  I would like to stick with it and get everything I have out cut into strips and processed but I just don’t think I have it in me.

Kelli and I were chatting the other day and I said, “Isn’t it funny….when I pulled out the shirts I was so careful.  I cut up every shirt piece I touched.  If I only needed a couple strips I was determined to still cut the rest of the piece up and process the entire piece.  Now I’m at the point that I need a want a red so I dig through the pile and wack off a sleeve and don’t care at all about anything else.”  I’m sure some of you who have worked with making quilts from shirts can relate.

I’ll let you in on a little real life news….We had a snowstorm here this weekend.  Connie had made plans to come and ended up coming on Friday before the storm hit.  Saturday here was a sew day….Sunday was a day we went down to our grandkids’ baptism…and from there Connie, my daughter Kayla and I traveled on to Bettendorf to go to a Featherweight class with Nova Montgomery.  We’re suppose to learn all about caring for and maintaining our Featherweight machines.  I’m excited for this!!  I wrote this blog post in advance so that you all would have something to read here and we all could enjoy some time away.  I’ll update you of we did and learned in the upcoming week.

I guess being I have nothing to share in the String Challenge department.  All of you will have to share your things and I’ll have to catch up with your happenings once I’m back home.

I can’t wait to get home and tell you all about my weekend!!  I’ve really wanted to learn more about my machine so when Connie suggested it, I said yes right away.  Have any of you been to one of Nova’s workshops?

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