What I’m Working On….and My Weekend

I had an awesome weekend filled with family and chores..and time with Hubby too.  I was what I call a perfect weekend as I got a little sewing time in too.

I’ll start with telling you about the sewing side of things…I worked on this top.  If you remember I started out wanting to make a quilt for Hubby’s great nephew.  I ended up making two.  One went on and will be published in a future quilting magazine.  That one went to my friend Carla at Longarm Quilting Inspirations and she quilted that one.  That left me having to do the one for Jonathan.

On Instagram I asked for some advice on which color of thread to pick.  There were all sorts of opinions.  With this, I really don’t think any of them are wrong.


I ended up using the variegated…..

Carla had such a great idea to quilt motif with the first one that I ended up copying her idea…..of course Carla’s was much better looking..but I didn’t do too bad.  Thanks so much for the inspiration Carla and thanks for getting me to try something new.


I got the binding tacked down but the rest is going to have to wait for another sewing session.

Here’s a sneak peek at the quilting….

This one came off the quilting frame too….It still needs a binding too and then it will be shipped out to Quiltmaker.  I been doing this at turtle pace.  That’s okay though.  There is no real deadline for it.  I think it’s getting a polka dot binding…red I think?  I don’t know…

Now to what else I’ve been busy with.  We have been working really hard on the landscaping and plants outside.  We planted to hydrangea bushes…one on each side of the steps…I planted around our “Kramer” rock too..and even more but I’ll do a yard tour one day and show it all to you.


We went to a baby shower in Minnesota.  My niece Ariel is expecting and due in August.  If you are a long time blog reader you might remember that Kalissa and Ariel both got married in September of 2015.  Carver came with us.  He was great on the over two hour drive and once he got settled with everyone, he was a real ham showing off all of his new tricks.


He even got a chance to meet my Aunt Agnes.  My Aunt Agnes is very dear to me.  She turned 99 in February.  She had a rough year last year, breaking her hip and landing herself in the hospital with pneumonia.  She’s doing pretty good now.  She told us a story about how frustrated she was with the chicken in the deli of her grocery store so she drove to the pizza place and bought herself a pack of chicken instead.  Yes, she still drives but has limited herself to just town driving.  She also told us that she was frustrated with her kids as they were telling her she should move to assisted living.  She wasn’t having that!  I tried to at least get her to compromise and start wearing a life alert type bracelet.


Oh I love her for her spunk and want to keep going.  I’m so happy that she got to meet Carver.

On the way home we stopped at House of Flowers in New Hampton.  They had the most amazing succulents and plants that work great for fairy gardens.  I needed a couple more plants to complete what I have going on.  Here’s a sneak peek of the fairy garden…oh I love fairy gardens.  I’ll do a whole post about them in the near future too.

Once we got home we had an impromptu lawn party with neighbors stopping by.  Neighbor girl came by with a friend and were showing us the friend hover board….it was so fun!  It was a great weekend filled with all the things I love.  Nothing was exciting or amazing…just the simple things I love.

7 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….and My Weekend”

  1. Can’t wait to get the pattern for that scrappy star quilt!!!! Keep us posted when it will be published! Your aunt does not look or apparently act 99!!! Too bad everyone doesn’t have her attitude about life!!! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. I finally got all of the squares for Midnight Flight sewn and flip corners marked. Hoping to bring that one to show you in August. Hope your week is just as good as the weekend!

  3. The week end sounds just perfect and it was nice to see your aunt, she looks spunky and I’m glad she knows her limit with driving and can still live alone, a life alert bracelet is a wonderful idea for her. The quilt turned out great with the variegated thread and the star quilt is really colorful, love it.
    I have seen fairy garden items at our green houses and yours is charming with the fairy on the swing.

  4. Hope you have luck with the medical bracelet – my Mom would have non of it. She did pretty well considering tho. Stayed in her own home with me just 1/4 mile away til the very last. Gotta love and respect the spunk !

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