What I’m Working On..and a little help from a friend.

When Kelli and I went to Storm Lake to see Bonnie Hunter, we were both in the Pineapple Blossom class.  There we met lots of new people, one of them was Nell.

Nell and I have become friends.  We correspond via email regularly.  When I started blogging this month about how I want to finish up my UFOs, Nell said me too.  I am going to quilt my Pineapple Blossom quilt.  That’s when I said if you do yours, I’ll do mine.

A day or two later Nell sent me a picture.

It was her Pineapple Blossom quilt all quilted but not bound.  That night I went upstairs and loaded my quilt.

Sunday I worked on the quilting.

I have had my top finished since October 9th, 2011 and I am finally just finally getting to it now.  I can’t thank Nell enough for encouraging me to get going on this quilt.  Quilting friends can be great encouragers…THANKS Nell.

Now I just need to get it bound…plans are to have that done by Friday so I can report a Friday finish.

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15 thoughts on “What I’m Working On..and a little help from a friend.”

  1. Love your quilt. The colors are gorgeous. It is sew much fun reading your blog as I have been to many of the places that you talk about. :) Is this pattern on Bonnie Hunter’s website?

  2. Pat C in Washingon

    Peer pressure can be a wonderful thing! Can’t wait to see how the quilting turns out – I just love your fabric choices.

  3. I love this quilt and I think that you did a wonderful job on it. I love the colors. I enjoy having encouragers to keep me moving along on a few projects that are stalling out on me. Wonderful.

  4. Oh, how I how your quilt! And I also love Nell’s. So different, but you are both so blessed to have each other to encourage you to finish your UFO’s!
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. This may seem like a funny question, but – do you ever post videos on your blog? I’ve never seen a long-arm quilt machine in action – just still photos of “loaded” quilts on quilt blogs … and I’ve been thinking I should find some videos somewhere of quilters actually quilting on a long-arm machine. (How much of the machine moves? Does the machine move the quilt, or does the the machine move around on the stationary quilt? How big a section do you quilt before repositioning the quilt?) I realize every machine will be different, but it would be cool to see just a part of the process in action. I’ll probably look some videos up soon, so if you have any recommendations (or if you want to post one?), that would be neat.

  6. I love the Pineapple Blossom blocks. Both of you had such pretty colors in them, so different! Great job on your motivation to get it on the long arm. Friends are good for that!

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