What I’m Working On….and a Coupon Code!!

It’s been a challenge for me trying to get time in the quilting room.  I’ve been trying to get back to my old schedule of sewing in the morning before I come down for breakfast but that means getting out of bed earlier….and what can I say, I’ve become my father.  He was always a night owl…and night owls aren’t up at 5:30 in the morning like I used to be.

I am working on squeezing some time in on working on these blocks.

I showed you these on Saturday when I listed my Dirty Dozen UFO challenge projects.  ( read about that here )  I decided I might as well start on sewing something and this is a project I really want done, so this is what I picked.  I’m not going to be overly picky when it comes to the Dirty Dozen challenge.  I know Mary at Country Threads, who is hosting the challenge, isn’t a rule follower (except with grammar and spelling) herself so I’ll be okay.  (right Mary??  XO)

These are destined to be a quilt for my grandson Scotty.  Everyone is big Mickey Mouse fans at their house.  I hate to make a quilt that SCREAMS Mickey so this was my compromise…little Mickeys in the center of each block.

I had made this similar quilt for one of my childcare kids last fall….

It’s Bonnie Hunter’s Crooked Courthouse Steps quilt.  This quilt will be similar only adding orange and yellow and the Mickeys in the Middle.  I don’t know how many Mickeys I have.  I cut them from a scrap a blog reader sent and haven’t counted.  I don’t think I have enough but I have some other Mickey prints I’m hoping might work..but if not, some might be “Mickey-less”.  I know I have Mickey prints that are red..just don’t know if some have blues like would be needed here.  I figured I’d get what I have sewn and then worry about it.

While I’m making the blocks I have my Nido Wool Pressing Mat with me.  Oh I love that thing.  I never thought I would be a snob about accessories and act like I “had to have them”…but I really feel that way about this Nido Wool Mat.  I use it a lot.  I have the 13 1/2″ square one upstairs and use it for paper piecing and blocks like these all the time.

I keep my mat on my little wooden TV tray.  Here’s an Amazon link for a similar one.

It’s quick and easy to stay sitting and keep the sewing process going if I’m not jumping up to go to the ironing board all the time.

I love to get a long string and piece the baby blocks all through.  I’ve learned that when doing this, it’s best to keep the strip on the bottom and the blocks on top as shown below.

In no time, there were more baby blocks to press.  Little by little those blocks build.

Before long I had a block to trim.  I’m trimming these all at 8″.

YAHOO!!  One more block.

Something else I’ve been putzing with is at my other machine…When I work between the two machines, I just slide my little wood tv tray with my 13 1/2″ square and iron to this machine.  It’s so handy.

This project I found after I posted about my Dirty (2) Dozen UFO Challenge projects.  This one should be listed too but, alas.  Here’s to hoping Mary hosts the challenge yet another year and I’ll add it to that list.  In the meantime, I’ve been making a block or two or three when I have a few odd minutes in between things. They are stored right in the drawer next to my machine for that very reason…easy access.

This is what the project looks like….see all those tiny stars?

I started this YEARS ago.  Seriously likely 10 years ago.  Even on these little tiny pieces my Lori Holt Seam Guide (Link HERE) comes in handy.  Can you see how I am lining up the square on the line.  If I keep that corner on the centerline, then I get a nice straight seam and I don’t have to take the time to put a pencil line of the square.  What a time saver!!

A quick rotation to my iron and mat and I can continue on with my block.
Gradually my stack of blocks is growing.  I have no plans that this will be done anytime soon.  I just keep telling myself, one more block and I’m closer…one more block is enough.

While I’ve been sewing I have been using my new SewPad cushion.  I just got it so can’t tell you exactly what I think about it yet…soon though.  I do want to try it for a bit before I review it.  I like to give a really honest review making sure I’ve used things for a bit before I recommend them.  I know you all work hard for your money and I don’t want to recommend something prematurely.

Speaking of products I do like…I do love my Nido Ironing Mat.  I’ve been using the three I have as my primary ironing stations.  The only time I use and ironing board is to iron my completed quilt.  I had tried other wool mats and this one is my favorite.  There isn’t that nasty smell like others.  Do you want to know what I did?  I got the nice Nido mat and passed my other wool mat of a different brand on to Kayla.  She was happy…I was happier!!  Come on, you other moms do that too, right?

While I was writing this post I talked to Winnie from Nido Wool Mats.  She’s the owner of the company…really just a mom trying to support her family–they aren’t really a huge company– (yet)….in the past she told me that if I wanted to offer a coupon to all of you for a mat, just let her know.   Well I realized this post was really much about their mats so I asked for a coupon code and she gave it to me.  So if you follow one of these links and at check out use the code, 15SUNNYDAYS to get 15% off.  How awesome is that.  The code is good from today, June 22nd until the end of day on July 5th.

You can see all of their mats HERE….

Since I originally told you about the mats they have added new sizes.  Isn’t that awesome. Now you can measure your space and get exactly what you need.  They offer:

9″ x 9″
13.5″ x 13.5″
17″ x 17″
17″ x 24″

I have the 13.5 x 13.5 and two of the 17 x 24.  The 17 x 24 is the mat I put out on my kitchen island.  I just love it for that.

Besides the mats being a great help in pressing, easily portable, handy, another main reasons I love the mats is this company statement, “LIFETIME WARRANTY – Love it or we’ll take it back, no questions asked! We care about our customers and want to make sure you are satisfied with our product.”  What company nowadays says that!  It’s wonderful knowing I never need to buy another wool mat again.  HERE is the link if you want to check them out.

..and with that, I’m off.  The plan is to finish the sewing room this week and give you a tour.  I have a bit of work before that can happen…but here goes!!

14 thoughts on “What I’m Working On….and a Coupon Code!!”

  1. I ordered the largest mat when you first mentioned them and they weren’t even in stock yet!! Winnie notified me when they came in and gave me the discount she gave your readers on her mats. I just love my mat – great investment!!!

  2. I have two – LOVE them. 13.5 square & 17×24. Still have first ones I bought at quilt show for downstairs. I did notice a smell at first – inherited a really strong sense of smell. Smell is gone now ~year later. First ones purchased are much worse and I’ve had and used had much longer. Children’s cat loved to use first ones as scratching mat if I left out on table. Doesn’t bother Nido mat. Again LOVE these mats.

  3. A mat like that would be perfect for the RV when I’m working on blocks! Thanks for sharing.
    Love and prayers

  4. I love those Nido wool mats too. I use the 13″ by my machine and have two lengthwise on my ironing board. I also bought my sister one for Christmas. They are well priced and you are right…no smell. Thanks for recommending them. I’m eager to hear how the Sewpad works for you.

  5. Hi Jo! I love seeing the projects you’re working on. I haven’t yet invested in a wool pressing mat, but will have to take a look with this coupon code. And speaking of Mary at Country Threads – her blog seems to be down. I haven’t been able to access it for the past 3 days and got a message that the blog domain had expired! I hope she can get it taken care of!

  6. I bought my mat after your first review of them and I love it!! I was worried about smell as I had another brand and it smelled a bit. It wasn’t that unpleasant but I love the fact that the Nido doesn’t have a smell at all. I keep it by my sewing machine and it’s so handy for smaller pieces that need ironing.

  7. Jo, any tips on getting the Lori Holt Sean guide lined up accurately again after taking it off? Unfortunately, I have to move it every time I change my bobbin. Thank you!

  8. I will check the mats out. Because I have other mats I have not gotten a wool one yet. Do you know whose is the original wool mat? There are so many out there now

  9. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, I got a wool mat on your recommendation. And I have never been happier to iron in my life no odor. The one thing I had to do was put a cover on it as .y old iron was to hot for the wool. My new iron is so much better. I’m in the gravy when it comes to ironing now.

  10. Paula Nordt – before removing ark the outside edges on your machine with a Sharpie. remove and put a piece of Scotch tape over your marks. Then line it up. Can you cut out the space for your bobbin?

  11. Carolyn Sullivan

    I love my mat! got one on your suggestion! they are too cool! BUT I need info on the Lori Holt sewing guide. I bought it but can’t figure it out? is there a place that is supposed to be cut out? Then what…. It’s a nice idea, but I think I shouldn’t have bought it as I haven’t been able to use it.

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