What I’m Working On: A little bit of Lazy Sunday

**If you missed the wedding photos, they are here**

It between all of my other things that I have to be working on, I’ve been sewing a little of the Lazy Sunday Mystery.

I’ve wanted to sew the pieces that work well for using as leaders and enders so I’ve been skipping around on the clues.  Clue #1 is completely finished.  I have half of clue #2 done and half of blue #3.  This would completely drive Kelli crazy but this project isn’t a joint project.  It’s all mine so I can do it like I want.

I am really thankful that even on my busiest days I still have something that I am working on just for me.  Something with no deadline and not a care…

Have you seen the finished quilt??  Bonnie has it on her site here.  As you can see, my fabric choices lean more towards Civil War prints.  I am anxious to get one of the other blocks together so I have a bit more of  a clue how the blocks will look.

It’s a two blog post morning.  You won’t want to miss this post too about charity quilts.

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3 thoughts on “What I’m Working On: A little bit of Lazy Sunday”

  1. I’m sitting out Lazy Sunday — I think that Easy Street exhausted me in terms of multi-step Bonnie-designs! I haven’t gotten the new Quiltmaker with the final step of LS, but I could pretty well figure it out from the photos Bonnie posted.

    Your version will use up a good many odds-and-ends of CW repros, I think.

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