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I am STILL working on the double wedding ring quilt.  I have four rows finished now.  That’s two more than last week but still..that deadline is looming.  August 3rd is less than a month away.

I have two more rows ready to sew on so that makes me happy.  That last row though, that’s a more difficult one.

Buck and Jen were home to see the quilt this weekend.  We had a bridal show with our side of the family in town this weekend so they were home.  So far, I they like it.  Jen thought the blocks would be smaller.  I am SO thankful that they aren’t.

So the goal is…next week at this time the double wedding ring top will be finished.

I will admit, I did pull out Clue #2 to the Lazy Sunday Mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter and Quiltmaker…I even sewed a few of the pieces together.  Soon..I hope..soon I’ll be able to get to the mystery-but until the Double Wedding in finished, I can’t do much more than sew a few pieces together leader and ender style.

Oh, I so want to get caught back up on this project.  After all, the next issue will probably be out soon.

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  1. I love the colors you chose for this double wedding ring. It will be stunning when you are finished!

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