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I finally got my sewing room cleaned up enough to find my cutting table…(Please tell me that other quilters have this problem too).  I couldn’t cut out what I needed until the mess got cleaned up first! I spent LOTS of time on the blog last week working on things for all of you.  Kelli and I have LOTS of giveaways going on in case you missed them here is a listing:  Stella LampPin PalLizzie’s Legacy quilt book and Hand Made with Love Quilt book.

I did manage to get my UFO blocks sewn.

Next up, time to cut and sew the sashing.  I have the fabric decided on so I just might get these sewn into a top this week.

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8 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. You are most certainly not the only one. Any flat surface in my sewing area is a magnet for stuff, which always seems to just get shifted from one flat surface to another.

  2. Love the string blocks. The cutting table is like the table next to the back door… it collects whatever junk anyone wants to lay down. I use my cutting table for measuring my quilt top and borders, so it gets cleaned off at least one time for every quilt I make.

  3. Pat C in Washingon

    My sister recently gave me the cutest framed picture for my sewing room – “Keep Calm and Bring the Seam Ripper”. I had to tell her I had no flat spot anywhere in my sewing room that was not covered with STUFF. Including my cutting table. If I want to cut anything, I have to move things onto the floor. Go ahead, judge me, I am shameful and messy. But I have really good intentions to clean my sewing table :D

  4. Due to rainwater coming so fast and so hard, my sewing room had water in it last night. . .along with a son’s bedroom and the bathroom. All the carpet/rug had to go out, bathroom floor tiles up, and fortunately, only one bag of scraps got wet, so got them aired out and everything else is UP, UP, UP, UP, so every flat surface is piled high. Definitely some more cleaning out going on before I can work on anything. One Bonnie Hunter book was destroyed in the process. :( LOVE the string piecing as well. . .could use something that doesn’t require thinking right now.

  5. Well, I wanted to work on a quilt and couldn’t find any of my long, big-headed pins I was using on it before. I finally remembered that I had used all of them to pin an oval Christmas tablecloth together, so I had to start work on that project to get my pins back.
    This is the closest I can come to a mess in a sewing room. I just don’t have very many projects out around the dining room table at the moment.

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