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The last of the quilt for West, Texas are boxed up and ready to go to the post office.  I haven’t shown them all to you yet but will over the next couple days.  Now I am ready to do some sewing of my own but, there are other things to do first.

Yesterday I spent the evening ironing quilt tops, clipping strings and prepping backs.  This is an upcoming Moda Bake Shop quilt.


Yes…it is batiks.

These are the “mistake” blocks from my Criss Cross Applesauce quilt.  There were enough “mistakes” to make a baby quilt in a 6 x 7 setting.

There is another quilt hanging there but that one is one that is a special project that we are working on.

Hubby did lunch dishes and mowed lawn.  That was the best treat ever.  It gave me some time to get these quilts worked on.  Now over the next week or so I hope to get them quilted.

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  1. Stopped by west twice this weekend …on the road to my daughters house and we’ve been stopping for years. Czech stop bakery was packed with lines wrapped around the store. Folks just wanted to stop and help some. As one guy said, what’s $20 after all they’ve been thru. Last night we drove thru the neighborhood…the major blast area is still roped off with security. Homes for blocks and blocks have boarded up windows, which has to be depressing in itself, the middle school is fenced off and sad looking , one house had the bricks blown off the side. The town is just plain and simple and I know they appreciate the love and care everyone is showing them!

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