What I’m Working On

I have a couple projects that I am working on…

Here is the Puff (biscuit) quilt that I working on for a baby present.

It’s getting close to finished but it still needs a backing….I am debating on binding it too.  I read some old tutorial type things and it is suggested to put the backing on, sew around, and turn inside out.  I’m still debating.  I think I would prefer a binding…I think it will look more finished.

I am working on getting my UFO done….It’s slow progress though.

I have the center portion of the top about half together.

I have a quilt on the quilting machine too.

I am going to a retreat this weekend so I am going to put together some projects to take along.  I can’t wait to get away.

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10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On”

  1. Jo , the biscuit quilt looks good. I found my template for making these yesterday whilst having a quilting stuff sort out. It had dropped down the back of some shelving. I have a load of scraps the right size to use for one of these and I also found some toy stuffing. Your UFO from Bonnies book is looking great . That is one on my bucket list.Her patterns are great . You have been a busy quilter. I look forward to seeing how you decide to finish the biscuit quilt.

  2. Woman’s Day or Family Circle published a pattern for the biscuit quilt in the 70’s. I tore it out. I still have it. I’ve never attempted it.

    I do like that Bonnie Hunter scrappy design. I’m more likely to attempt that than biscuits.

  3. I really like the biscuit quilt. Reminds me a quilt my grandma made years ago. Your idea of a binding for it, I think, is a great one. Makes it look more complete.

  4. I haven’t made a biscuit quilt since the 70s! Now I wonder what happened to it. I think my youngest son wore it out. I think your fabrics are a little tamer than those of the 70s. I don’t remember binding mine but I do think that would be nicer.

  5. AHHHHHH…. let me tell u the baby will LOVE the puff (biscuit) quilt u made! i know this because as the mother having said baby i already love it! thank you soooooo much!!!!! a million times over! 7 more weeks and the baby will be here lol

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