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I got my Criss Cross Applesauce quilt top together yesterday so that means I need something to sew.  I could pull another UFO…I could start a new project…to do?  to do?

Lazy Sunday Bonnie’s new mystery that is featured in Quiltmaker magazine won out…


I was slow to start because I want to work on UFOs…AND I am not at all excited about the colors.  I am just not a “bright” girl!  I dug through my Civil War reproductions and decided I am going to make this quilt mine.  I found some greens…I know my pinks are going to be reds instead…my blues are going to be teal..purples are staying purple and oranges are moving to cheddars.  It’s  not a far stretch different but enough different that it will work with my fabrics.

I can’t just work on one project so I rather than leave a UFO in the wake, I am championing on and doing something with these blocks from Criss Cross Applesauce that were a mistake.

I have almost fifty of them so that’s enough to do something with.  It might be a baby quilt with red x’s.  Someone suggested it not be a baby quilt with red crosses…but they won’t look like red crosses.  They look more like x’s to me.

While that is happening in the sewing room I am loading a quilt on the quilting machine.  It’s one I can actually show but that will have to wait until later today or tomorrow….

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5 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. You can always throw a couple Os in the mx and have a hugs and kisses quilt.

    I’ve been working on UFOs this year also. So far I have dug to the farthest reaches of the stack and found some from about 15 years ago when I was first learning paper piecing. It feels good to get them working again. One is in a top stage and one, I just finished the last bock of 35. I set the tumblers aside again to work out the size and figure if I need more lights, but I didn’t put it away for fear of forgetting again.

  2. yep, i also caved and got some fabric for Bonnie’s mystery. like you i don’t gravitate to brights in quilts, so i got an assortment of pastels for my quilt fabrics. along with all that white it should make a great quilt for Spring.

  3. What would be wrong with a baby quilt with crosses on it, anyway?? Just wondering.

    The idea of the O’s does sound very interesting, (I tried to spell intrigueing and gave up!) haha

    Love your blog and all you got going on.

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