What I’m Working On…

Blogging around here has been no fun for me lately…I can’t show you what I’m working on-AGAIN!!

I spent yesterday putting a sleeve and a label on a quilt that will be shipped out tomorrow.  I was busy putting the borders on a quilt that will be shipped out at the beginning of next week.

That means there is a back to piece and the quilt needs to be quilted and bound.  It will be a busy week.

With a little help from Kelli, I designed a new quilt for an upcoming deadline and am making a test block this week.

So what can I show you….Slowly-very slowly, my Criss Cross Applesauce blocks are becoming rows.

While we were busy tying up loose ends, the dogs spend the day hanging out…Look at the way Ruby is laying on Puppycat?!!?


Silly dogs!!

To see what others are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

5 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Sorry that last week was such a bad week, heres to a good week this week. Puppycat and Ruby are priceless!! Can’t wait to see all they mystery projects.

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