What I’m Working On…

I cut out stacks and stacks of small tumbler shapes…I am planning on working the quilt as a leader and ender project.


As I was cutting with my Accuquilt Go!, I ran into a bit of a problem.  If you look at the die on the edge of tumbler on the left you can see my problem.  The blade curved over.  Today I am going to call in and see about getting a replacement.  I haven’t had any problems like this with any of their products and I am sure they will replace it…in the meantime, I have enough tumblers cut to keep me sewing for awhile.

Update:  I called Accuquilt and they are replacing the die.  I love great customer service!

I am totally inspired by this quilt on the cover.


I think my tumbler is smaller than the one in the pattern.  Right now I am trying to figure out how big I want to make it…Queen size maybe…that’s LOTS of tumblers.

Stop back tomorrow and I’ll show a finished quilt….I finally finished my summer quilt a long from Crazy Mom.

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18 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I love your tumbler!! The scrappier, the better. I have a soft spot for them! They are the easiest and prettiest quilts to make. I just posted my tumbler on Friday. I’m sure they’ll replace that piece. I don’t have a GO! yet, but hopefully some day.

  2. I love your tumblers blocks! I just got my small tumbler in the mail but I haven’t used it yet. I am trying to finish up some Christmas gifts, but then I’m sure there will be a tumbler quilt in my future. It may be super quick to cut a queen sized quilt, but remember, you still have to sew them together!

  3. Oh Jo!!
    You are making MY quilt!! :o) I am sew excited!! As soon as Accuquilt announced that they were making a 3 1/2 inch tumbler and then when I saw THIS quilt on the cover of Sew Scrappy I knew I would make it!! LOVE it and your colour choice is perfect!! Can’t wait to see it finished!! Too bad about the die but Accuquilt is great! Now I just need to buy the die!! Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best!

  4. Pretty tumbler…I’ve been lurking on not leaving near as many comments since time is a premium these days. You are still enjoying the GO!….I don’t see much chatter about it anymore in blogland.

  5. I love tumblers! Your fabric choices look great. I have that AP&Q calendar too and you are right, the tumblers are a lot bigger (as in you can’t use charm squares). Have fun!

  6. I was inspired by that same magazine and hope to do one next year. I love yours – all the fabrics are wonderful for it. I wish I had an Accuquilt, but I’m going to have to cut mine out the old fashion way!

  7. When did that magazine come out? I’d like to get one. That is a beautiful tumbler quilt! I can’t wait to see yours too! Accuquilt is great for replacing your die. I keep thinking of getting a Go! Cutter but haven’t yet, but hearing this makes me more intetested.

  8. I think we are related. I purchased that magazine; I purchased that GO! die (I need to check my blade); I’m cutting small tumblers too. I cut Monday and Tuesday night and have chosen the ones I want to use for my project and they are up on my design wall. It will not be bed size though. Have fun!

  9. I do love the customer service at Accuquilt. Although I must say I’ve never had a problem with any of my dies. I’ve done a lot of tumbler baby quilts, but then I did a really fun tumbler I called Snowy Night, just finished it — I’ll need to post a picture. LOVE your pics!

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