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Hubby and I were away for a couple days and now I’d love to say I am back and raring to go but that’s not quite true.  I did have a good time but we came home with two pieces of antique furniture….and that has put the house in a topsy-turvey mess.  I’ll show you the furniture and explain the mess later this week.  For now you’ll just have to settle with what I’m working on.

While we were away, Hubby had to attend a Beef Conference part of the time.  While he was there I shopped and worked on a few projects.  I got all the blocks for Criss Cross Applesauce finished.

They are ready to do together so I’ll be slowly working on that.  This month’s goal is to get the quilt top together…slow and steady wins the race they say.

I also worked on my wool blocks.  Being I couldn’t do a lot in the hotel, I cut the pieces out for all of the blocks.  Now I just have to stitch them each month.  All of the cutting and tracing work is finished.

I know I am going to appreciate having that extra step done this summer as lawn mowing and gardening kicks in.

A good family friend is expecting a baby.  She knows I always make baby quilts for new little ones so she talked to me and requested a puffer quilt.

I didn’t know what she meant so I looked it up via the internet.  Right now, unless she doesn’t like it, I think these are the fabric I will use.  Our daughter, Kalissa, thinks I need to add some blues or teals.  I am letting the fabric sit and out and I keep thinking about them as I pass by….maybe it does need a little teal.   The mom requested something gender neutral in some forest type colors…what do you think??

All of these projects are really on the back burner.  Our daughter, Kelli and I have a couple projects that we are working hard and heavy on….more on those later too.

14 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Lovely choices. Can’t wait to see the pattern you choose.

    The Dodge commercial on the SuperBowl featuring Paul Harvey talking about farmers made me think of you and your husband. I think you guys are awesome for the hard work you do.

  2. If I am guessing correctly, she meant a “Biscuit” or Puff quilt, that is actually more of a comforter than a true quilt… Am I right Jo? If she is going for a “Modern” quilt look, the colors you’ve got, with the addition of a teal would work.

  3. I like the colors but like most of the others think it needs the teal. I can’t wait to see the picture, I am not real sure what a puff quilt is. Enjoy making it.

  4. However were you able to stop with the criss cross applesauce blocks – I found them so much fun to make – and I love my scrapp version – but I loved putting it together best. I am in agreement with the teal being added. Judy C in NC

  5. It’s looking a bit boyish at the moment, not specifically gender neutral, so I would add some blue sky, or vivid green like springs new growth :)

  6. Agree with everyone that a teal like the one from the Zen Chic Juggling Summer print would be good. Maybe change the greens…grassy greens in sunlight (lighter) and shade (darker)? Will remind me of an autumn forest.

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