What I’m Working On…

Another UFO is going to bite the dust….

Yesterday I finished my tumbler quilt top.


Tonight I am putting together a backing for it and then it goes on the pile of quilts that need to be quilted.  I have a project with a deadline that is on the stack before this one…but this one is scheduled to be finished this month.

Anyone else have UFO progress.  Please share in the comments.  Hearing other people’s progress honestly keeps me plugging away on mine.

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24 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Beautiful! I finally sat down and tackled some quilting I’ve been putting off forever, and got through 4 projects, two mug rugs are now quilted and bound, a pillow cover front is quilted so I just have to make the back, and tomorrow I’m going to the LQS to look for binding for the quilt. Now I just wish the day was longer so I could keep going, now that I’m on a roll!

  2. Hi Jo, I finished Star Struck this weekend. It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern and my girlfriend and I took the class from her last November in Kentucky. It ready to be quilted and bound.

  3. My list of UFOs has made it to the 70s (and not the year). I have been making great progress on my UFOs. My goal is to finish 20 this year, but I think perhaps I can finish more.

  4. Yahoo for you! I finished a donation for a scholarship fundraiser last night. I have my niece’s Fun with Bricks graduation gift loaded on the machine. Was hoping for a snow day today, but just got a late start. Star quilt UFO progress has stalled, but I am getting UFOs moving!

  5. Hi Jo it’s great. Doesn’t it feel good to start the week off with getting a UFO done? I spend Sunday morning outside raking anf pulling weeds. I did find a myself with a bit of time in the late afternoon and got my half square trianagles done for a swap.

  6. I finished 3 1/4 of the four borders for the quilt I’m making for my grandfather. I so wanted to get them all done, but Downton Abbey won last night! I need work on putting on borders (they always end up wavy) so I’m taking these very slowly. Still, I should be able to finish it tonight. Wish me luck!

  7. UFOs Is all I have been working on so far this year. I moved my sewing room and was reminded in the move of all the precious UFOs I have. Most of them I still love so I want to get busy.
    Right now I am working on a paper pieced one called Galaxy Star and almost have the blocks together. I will be so happy to have this into the flimsy stage.
    LOVE the tumblers! That is one of the UFOs I found also. I can’t wait to get to that one. :)

  8. HEY, I have a UFO at home that looks EXACTLY like yours!! Great minds…thanks for the inspiration to haul it out once I get home!! I can’t wait to see how you quilt it!!! LOVE IT!

  9. I’ve done several bright color tumbler quilts for Project Linus. I think it is time I make one for me with your prints. Really strikingly beautiful. Can you share what size your blocks are? My Go is a baby, so I’m working with the smaller block.

  10. Jo, your tumblers are beautiful. But I came here expecting to see the next row for the Winter Wonderland. Will you be posting it here later today? Thanks.

  11. Hi Jo I am working on putting a border on Bonnie Hunters quilt and started another Easy Street in different colors…why? Im not sure when I got so many others to finish. What size is your Tumbler? I love and want to start cutting some. Its beautiful!!

  12. Hi Jo, I made a lot of UFO progress this week. 1. I completed a top that has been hanging around for YEARS! 2. I finished my Easy Street center and have cut all the border strips and actually attached the first round of borders. I may also possibly be able to off-load a UFO to someone else. That counts, doesn’t it??

  13. Now that’s a gorgeous quilt that’s just waiting to be a snuggle buddy! My favorite kind! And yes, I am waging war on the UFOs this year. Knocked out 2 last month and have 3 more that just need binding, as well as another that is on its way to being quilted. I’m a woman on a mission.

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