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Today is my baking day.  Every year on the 23rd or 24th I bake the cookies and goodies for Christmas so today is the day because yesterday I sewed.

I finished up a bunch..HUGE bunch of crumb geese blocks….420 of them.

I started a baby quilt…

I got a few more blocks of Criss Cross Applesauce finished.

I have everything cut, but only a bit sewn of Easy Street.  I am doing two of these so that’s why there are two different sets.

I also quilted a wall hanging, this quilt, my quilt square quilt along projects and a Moda Bake Shop quilt.

I am typically a pretty upbeat person but..I am one of those people who don’t do well over the holidays.  My family has learned to divide up the work and to let me sew some…They did awesome this year.  They’ve been doing lots of the work and letting me take off with sewing.  It has felt so good.  This year I wrote the Christmas letter but my son did all the work assembling the picture, card, letter and address labels.  Hubby has been helping with the dishes.  The kids have been helping with the laundry.  It’s been wonderful and has freed up lots of time for me.  It’s really the best Christmas/Birthday present I could have wanted.

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12 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Ohhh…NO! I was doing just fine not doing those string geese, but YOURS!!! Now, I *HAVE TO* do that! Yours are SO sweet! Thanks for sharing. The colors for your easy street are pretty…LOVE that blue and pink!

  2. Thank you so much for expressing something that I have suffered with for many years. The feelings I have from Thanksgiving to New Years are well you know. Like you, I don’t do well with the holidays. I am always being teased about being a Scrooge and it really cuts deep. So thank you and have a wonderful Christmas filled with the love of your family and friends (even us cyber ones).

  3. I’ve really been thinking of making a crumb/string quilt. Lately my sewing room seems to have as much strings, as fabric!

    I remebered your sticky bun recipe last night and whipped up a batch for DH and I. It was delicious! I didn’t make the ice cream pecan for it, but did make a version of icing (no cream cheese left either!) DH loved them. His father was a baker (2nd generation irish) in a german bakery.It met his approval.

  4. What a treat to look at your blog. It really inspires me to dive into my fabrics and make something beautiful. Here in our home, we have a relaxed christmas. I have my five or six boxes of decorations I pull out every year. My mum taught me to add one or two things a year, then it would slowly build up to a nice selection of decorations. So I am always during the holidays either sewing what I feel is missing, or I find out what to buy on the sale. I also decorate in purple for advent – the weeks before the 24th and then the last sunday before the 24th I exchange purple with red. In childhood christmas was not a good experience, so I focus on what my children like, and go from there. So having time to be together, and each and every one gets to do what they want. Happy holidays to you my dear :-)

  5. Merry Christmas Jo! Been a lurker on your blog for quite some time now. Always love to see how prolific you are with your quilting. Love the crumb geese, very similar to Bonnie Hunter’s string geese? Great way of using up scraps. Merry Christmas to you and your family…..especially your little beagle dog!

  6. Those crumby geese are gorgeous! I think I’ll have to make some too. I’m doing two Easy Streets too, but not sure of my pastel colours. I love your colours. Merry Christmas.

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