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I didn’t get much sewing done during the week last week but on the Saturday night I finished up my Easy Street Mystery Clue #1.

Sunday, I did.

I pinned Perkiomen Daydream blocks on the ride to and from church.  We have a 20 minute ride to and from and honestly, I get lots of pinned during the trip.

I also worked on my upcoming Moda Bake Shop project.  While I was ironing the pieces, I was playing “Words with Friends” on my Kindle.  I still love that game.

Then just before bed, I sewed on a couple Pineapple Crazy blocks….

I wonder what I would accomplish if I would just stick to one project?!?!

To see what others are working on, check out Patchwork Times.  If you’re looking for more Easy Street clues check out Quiltville.

18 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Wow, you did a lot. Want to sew 4 patches for me since I will be doing that all week? I like working on several projects, too, but with all my Christmas projects done, I will be looking for new and interesting things to begin. Hope there are not too many out there……HA!

  2. WOW, you made my head spin. I went to church then watched movies all day. Use to do hand work but now my Zoey (dog that thinks she is my baby) curl up in my lap

  3. I used to get lots of hand work done in the car when we lived out away from town but developed car sickness when not looking ahead so that is gone. Now I feel like a lump on a log while riding in the car.

    My problem is I like to plan and cut projects. So I always have multiple cut out. Sounds good until you think about all the “kits” I have as UFOs. Sometimes I just gather up the kits and give them away to the Linus quilt ladies. Helps them and helps me if I decide I got all the fun I was going to get out of the planning and cutting.

  4. You probably wouldn’t accomplish anything. You would get bored and just let it sit. I think variety is the way to go. I am happiest when I have lots and lots of projects going.

  5. I had to laugh at your working on things on the way to and from church, as I often look down while sitting in church to see that my lap is covered with threads and snippets. I’m always sitting down to sew just a few seams before we leave while I’m waiting for DH to finish getting ready. If I actually took things in the car with me to work on, it would be a sure bet that I would be plastered with threads from my carry along project. My quilting buddies say that you can always tell who the ‘quilters’ are when out in public. They will be the ones who’s clothes are covered with thread snippets and they will be totally oblivious of it.

  6. People who work on only one thing at a time miss out on the fun of switching gears so that everything that you are working on has a fresh feel to it! I love trading projects around. Your fabrics for Easy Street look perfect!

  7. I can’t imagine you with only one project. Personally I have quite a few projects going at the same time. It keeps me sane/insane depending on the day and time. But I love all that you do, even if I don’t comment more often.

  8. I am hoping to get my self going on that mystery. I haven’t even pulled fabric yet.

    You are right, you can get a lot done as the passenger. I knit simple projects when we are driving places.

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