What I’m Working On…

Saturday Kelli was home to use the quilting machine and Kalissa didn’t have to work.  We were all busy.

Kelli was working on her quilt….

I brought my old Singer, “Mildred”, up to the quilting room.  That is going to be “her” new home.  That way if one of us is using the quilting machine, the other can be sewing and we’re still together.  It worked out great.

I was pinning and sewing Perkiomen Daydream blocks.

While we were doing that, Kalissa was keeping on eye on Ruby.

After we were done in the quilting room, we went downstairs and Puppycat entertained Ruby.

The dogs had a great time.  It was a perfect Saturday…except that our daughter Kayla couldn’t join us as she was home sick.  Being she didn’t come, Sunday I spent the day working on her wedding quilt.

I am hoping to bind this Tuesday night.  Then one more thing will be checked off the wedding planning list.  It was a GREAT weekend!

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12 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Jo,
    I’m also making maverick star blocks . What is your sashing? Your quilt looks wonderful! I’m so glad your weekend was a good one!

  2. I found out this weekend I will be making a wedding quilt for a dear one we taught for 10 years in Sunday School, RA’s, youth group and mission trips. We are very close to the family and it feels like one of my own getting married! I am scouring the Internet for inspiration until I can get home to my books and patterns.
    Why is it I have thousands of pattern/books/EQ/magazines I have memorized over the past 20 years and I am blank in the idea department? :)

    Your longarm and daughter look quite comfy together. What a great weekend you must have had. We are blessed aren’t we?

  3. I just realized I have that sewing cabinet in my dining/sewing room right now! But it has a singer machine in it with a “godzilla” finish, sort of a crinkle matte brown color. My mother had that very same blue singer touch and sew machine. I bet putting in and taking out a quilt is much easier when there is a daughter to help. Your blog has a great variety of posts on it. Thank you!

  4. Jo, I just love your blog! You are so real. I love to see Puppcat and Ruby and then to see you quilting brings a warmth to my being. I read your stories about the farm and I realize that family and friends are what life is all about.
    Wishing you and your family the very best.

  5. you are really lucky to have kids interested in what you do. Mine just want the results of a quilt. I’m a little confussed, your one Daughter was working on the Long arm, and you worked on a different quilt on the long arm? How did you do that? was one finished???

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