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I am put my quilting projects aside so that I can figure out a new quilting motif for our upcoming Moda Bake Shop project.  Earlier this year Dawn, “The Pajama Quilter“, sent me her DVDs and books, “Rethreaded” and “Reloaded”.

I loved the first video.  I learned so much from watching.

Now I’m watching the second and learning even more.  Dawn suggests practicing the designs with a whiteboard and dry erase marker.  I don’t have one so paper and pencil is working for now.

I am a doodler so this is great fun for me!!  I can’t wait to get these designs stitched in thread on our project.

To see what others are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

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  1. Hi Jo, is this DVD worth it? I have a Nolting Hobby Quilter, that I bought used in late 2007. I’ve used it a few times, it still makes me so nervous. I have at least 5 DVD’s the best was Mindy’s “I Have a Long Arm and I’m Not Afraid to Use It”. Will this DVD be helpful to a chicken like me, I value your opinion? It kills me that I don’t use it like I thought I would, I feel like such a wasteful person. Thanks for your help, give Gracie a pet for me. ;-> Toni Anne

  2. Hi Jo.

    I just wanted to let you know that I took the plunge and bought both dvds and the corresponding workbooks. I don’t regret the purchase!! The Pajama Quilter has so opened up my mind to different possibilities for quilting designs. I do all of my quilting free hand, no pantos and the few tricks I have in my bag were getting old. The PJ Quilter has given me a boost of new energy.


  3. The DVD is soooo worth it! I ordered one after reading about it on Jo’s blog and absolutely love it. (thank you, Jo!) I sit at night with my dry erase board and practice. The key is to move your arm… not your wrist… so that you develop muscle memory in your arm which is what you use when you get to the long arm.

  4. I have to get that DVD, it’s been on my list and everyone says how good it is. Can’t wait to your designs on a quilt. I have a large newsprint sketch pad (16x20ish) that I picked up at office max for a few dollars. I always sketch mine on that. It has large sheets which is nice so I can catch myself when I start to change the size of some of the patterns.

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