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Friday I was at whits end and decided to take a mental health day.  I work from home and am my own boss but RARELY do I even just take a day off….Friday I gave in.

I grabbed my shirts and come solids and started playing.  I sewed blocks on Friday and sewed them into this on Saturday.

It was so fun!!  If I get enough requests, I will do a little tutorial….nothing fancy but enough information that you can make your own.  I think this would be so fun for a kid quilt or a  picnic quilt.  I don’t have it quilted.  Right now I am debating whether I want to put it on my Grand Quilter or wait for the new APQS machine to come.

Someone asked yesterday why I was selling mine and getting a new machine.  Well…my old machine was good but I think I am ready for an upgrade.  A new machine will be faster and give me more options.  Kelli and I are starting to do bigger projects and I want to do fancier work.  When I got my first machine, I was happy and content with what it could do.  At this point I think I have met this machine’s potential and want more.

I loved working on this quilt top….it was so relaxing and fun to play with the placement of the squares.

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26 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. A tutorial on the quilt would be greatly appreciated. I agree, this would be a fun quilt for a child. I can see it as a smaller baby quilt too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I know what you mean about wanting an upgrade after using the full extent of your machine’s potential. I have my Hobby Grand Quilter on my frame and I am now looking at a larger harp machine (like the new P3) to put on the frame. Either that or I want a stitch regulator. I can’t make up my mind – sigh! Are you going to take in quilts for other people on your new set-up?

  3. very cute would love the instructions, always looking for something you can do in a weekend or couple of days. It helps break up those big tedious projects. Thanks

  4. Count me in! Would love a tutorial. I have a box of donated brights to make up for church, looks great for kids quilts! Thank you.

  5. I also would love a tutorial. I have been thinking of making a picnic quilt for one of my daughters and her family, and I think a quilt like this would be a good one.

  6. I’d love a tutorial on that quilt. I don’t sew with shirts, but have plenty of stash to choose from. I was surprised to see the machine you were quilting on. I thought you had a longer arm machine – you really deserve it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I want to make this. Great stashbusting quilt. It looks like fun and it really turned out great. Would also make a great Christmas quilt. Please give in to all our comments and help us all with a tutorial. Thank you for sharing.

    Sandi T.

  8. I really like the idea of this quilt because it could be made in so many different fabrics and could fit almost any person. Yours is fun, playful, and yet practical and I agree, it is the perfect kid (male or female) quilt. And, good for you for taking a mental health day. I always believed in them when I worked (a mental health worker) and do even now as a retired person. ;-)

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