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I’ve been trying to get into the sewing room all week but had no luck. So on Sunday when my daughter Kelli and her kids came for a visit, I asked her is she’d help me and we’d get my Hawaiian Sunset quilt into a top. I had a lot done. I had two portions together. I only need to put two strips of sashing and one row in place. Here is Kelli with Eli.

It was perfect. I would sew a piece and while I was doing that, Kelli was prepping the next piece for me to sew. In no time at all, it was finished.

I am in love with it.

I have backing fabric so next up, I will dig that out and prep that.

The only other sewing I did this week was to work on my Tiny Nine Patch Challenge blocks. I have the strip sets sewn together but that’s only as far as I got.

There wasn’t much action in the sewing room…but getting that top done was exactly what I needed. I pulled another UFO and hope to figure out where I am with that…the quilt is my Smores quilt. YAHOO. It’s another top that is love overdue to finish.

So friends, what are you working on?

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  1. Dorothy Countryman

    I remember when you started your Hawaiian Sunset. Just think of all the life we have lived since then. Quilts are amazing time machines, aren’t they.

  2. I love the colors of your Hawaiian Subset. It is amazing how quickly things go with a little bit of assistance and Kelli is the perfect helper because she understands the process. I once held a Saturday “quilting bee” at my house with non quilter friends from work. Between the wonky seams and the nonchalant pressing, I ended up spending the better part of my evenings for a week ripping and redoing. We all talked and laughed a lot and ate lunch , but, oh my!!

    1. I’m tieing 40 more quilts for sale, sorting others fir donation to local ambulance, selling quilts at local farmer’s market, & otherwise just functioning day to day. 2nd was 79 BDay, 3rd 9th anniversary if hubs passing, 9th oldest us 54, 10th youngest is 50, 11th oldest G son is 27. Otherwise not much happing…HAHA. hope your 4th was great.

  3. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Fabulous quilt! What a beautiful job you did, and how exciting to have the top finished.

  4. Kristy Wilkinson

    Yay! So glad Kelli could help you! It really did deserve to be finished! :-) Great job! I am quilting my Mercantile quilt, pattern by Lori Holt. I am doing it quilt as you go. I have completed 3 of the rows of blocks in the center and now am on the last 2 rows which I made into one unit to quilt. I am still not sure about the borders and how I will do them yet since it finishes at 93″ by 93″. (it is for my bed. :-) ) Hope you can continue to make progress on things. I know it is hard when it is only a little bit at a time but you are doing well. Have a great week. K-

  5. Joy in NW Iowa

    Well, I am in northwest Iowa and we have family and friends and church in Rock Valley Iowa so our hearts are there. My hubby went to help a couple of days this week. It is just so very sad. All the devastation!

  6. Congratulations on getting this to a top! That’s a big achievement. You can feel very proud and having Kelli help was just the extra you needed to get this over the finish line. It’s amazing how finishing one thing like this can spur you on to get more done too! Good work!

  7. Oh my, I do love this quilt top of yours. WOW, it’s just so darn pretty. I’ve been sewing up a storm after a few months of no sewing. I made two tops for my niece’s teenage boys in sports fabrics using the 3 yard quilt patterns, but I used 6 yards to make them bigger. Then I made a top out of bright fabrics with white for her stepdaughter from a Villa Rose pattern, I sewed forever on that top. Now I only have 5 more tops to make for that family!

  8. Great work! It is beautiful. So wonderful that Kelli is such a good daughter/ helper!! It will be fun to see it all finished and hanging in front of your house.

  9. Judy Prescott

    I broke my right wrist the beginning of June & had to have surgery. It is a slow healing break so I will not be doing much sewing for a couple of months. Frustrating but I am trying to be a good sport, I am so thankful for my husband who has been taking care of me!

  10. Rebecca Burch

    Yay you! I know how badly you wanted to get that UFO done & am so glad you did! Yay!
    Me? I’m still working on sorting my sewing room out. You can’t imagine what shape I let it get I to! But as soon as I get it all around, I’m going to work on my kids’ 2024 Christmas present quilts again. Wish me luck!
    Yay you again, Jo!

  11. Woohoo and I love that the s’mores quilt is next. I’m working on a bag and a missouristar quilt called words have power.

  12. Hawaiian Sunset looks GREAT! Well done, Jo and Kelly. I’m about 60% done hand quilting a panel surrounded by nine patch blocks, asembling a twin size version of Villa Rose’s Cat City. I also have a ‘Movement in Squares” waiting to be bound. Su

  13. Yay! I was excited to hear that you were working on your Hawaiian Sunset Quilt! I couldn’t wait to scroll down to see it together! It’s beautiful! Kelli is such a good sport to help you out…wish I had a daughter…and one who likes quilting and cross stitch is a bonus : ) I am working on a quilt for my grandson. I only have 7 more blocks to make and then put it all together. I am also nearing completion of the Smith Sampler by the Scarlett House. I’m on a time crunch on the quilt in order to get it to the longarmer in time. I have one more week…wish me luck!

  14. What a lovely quilt! I’m working on getting Tumelo Trail into a top. All the blocks are done and I got 1/4 of the top sewn together, I have to do it in small chunks. Can’t wrestle that large too anymore.

  15. How lovely! You must be proud and deeply satisfied to have that top together. I’m honestly amazed to see it intact. I thought we’d be hearing about it occasionally all year! Well done, Jo, and hurrahs to Kelli for seconding your efforts so ably.

    1. Out of all the UFOs over the past few years, Hawaiian Sunset has been my favourite and the one I’ve been looking forward to seeing put together – and you’ve done it!! It looks amazing!

  16. Carolyn Sullivan

    Here’s whaat i have been working on…. or not working on it should be done already/Users/CarolynJoe/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/originals/2/23D622C0-009D-4744-AFEB-1C395E4A92CA.heic

  17. Your Hawaiian Sunset is gorgeous – kudos to you and Kelli!!! Can’t wait to see the finished quilt.
    I’m having an issue with sciatica-like pain, so I’m not doing the stairs to get to my sewing room… sigh… Hopefully soon I can get back to stitching!!! Meanwhile, our daughter and her 2 kids are visiting from out-of-state so they’re keeping me occupied for the next several days.

  18. Betty Edwards

    Hey Jo congratulations on your progress of getting those UFO’s done. I am working on a Labyrinth Walk Quilt. Talk about piecing! Lolo I have the four rows ready to sew together. Which I will leave a photo. It still needs four borders. And then I will quilt it on my home machine. Wish I had a long arm! Thus will go to my grandson. Oops can’t post photo

  19. Susan from Michigan

    Love your Hawaii sunset top! That’ll motivate me to work on mine. A friend showed me how to make a disappearing four patch block last week. Other than that, I’ve done very little sewing. Been cleaning out the family home of eleven people that has been lived in since the late 60’s. And the trust person has given us an unrealistic deadline. Tiring!

  20. Barbara Firesheets

    YEA JO!! Your Hawaiian Sunset quilt is fabulous!! LOVE the dark sashing framing your colorful blocks and how the light blue pops in the setting triangles! So pretty!

    I just finished piecing a king sized Labryinth (by Debbie Maddy) quilt for our grandson’s wedding in blues and browns. I was inspired by the blue and cream quilt you made from the “Miss Rosie’s Spice of Life” book. Now I’m working on a patriotic Twister quilt.

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