What I’m Working On…

I’ve been continuing on with my 15 minutes of time trying to still accomplish something in the sewing room.

This week I did okay. I didn’t set the world on fire but got there enough times to…

Make another batch of Tiny Nine Patch blocks. In one session I sewed the strips together.

In the next session, I ironed and cut them into segments.

In the last session, I sewed them together and watched the Indiana Fever play basketball. I love having a television in my sewing room.

I ended up making 21 blocks this week. I have a total of 448 so far. I think I have one more session of making them and then all of the blocks that I cut out will be done. I have zero idea if I have enough at this point.

I had a long length of time over the weekend so I bound my last coin quilt. Check out my seam where I put the beginning and end of the binding on the quilt. I perfectly matched the polka dot. I’d like to say I planned it and I’m that good…but I’m not. It was a happy coincidence.

That quilt is now finished. YAHOO!! I’ll have the three quilts to show you in an upcoming blog post. I need to take pictures of the quilts and get that written up.

The 15 minutes sessions are working so well. I decided to do a variation of that. You might remember I had my Hawaiian Sunset quilt almost finished and then I met Jerry and now I don’t sew as much…The Hawaiin Sunset quilt was a victim of post Jerry.

I still want to get the quilt finished so I decided I just need to do one thing with the quilt each week.

This week I sewed on a row…Not much but I did have to do some assembly work on it so I’m taking that as a win.

I’m hoping you see the quilt in every “what I’m working on” post until I’m finished with it. How’s that for a goal? I’m hopeful.

My shoulder is still giving me fits so sewing isn’t super comfortable but I powered through. Hopefully another trip to the chiropractor this week and I’ll be on the mend. Thanks to everyone who wished me well on its improvement. I appreciate it so much.

So everyone, what are you busy sewing on?

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  1. Those little nine patches are so cute! I’m taking a little break from machine sewing (just because :-)) but am working on the latest hand quilting project. It’s a panel surrounded by nine patch squares. I’m shadow quilting the images in the panel, and diagonal quilting the blocks in the surround. I quilt for a while, then get up and do something else for a while.
    I do hope you are being careful with the “powering through” – don’t overdo it, please!

  2. I’m still working on Bonnie Hunter’s Perkiomen Dreams. I have 180 of the 400 blocks (25 one inch squares each) complete! And I made a patriotic wall hanging quilt requested by my 16 year old granddaughter. Ready for the binding.

  3. I have enjoyed your blog since I found it. Thank you for sharing your life and sewing projects. Everything you do is creative and wonderful. Your binding looked perfect on the quilt. Would you share how you do your binding with us? Also, can you point out to me where I can find the directions for the little 9 patch. They are so darn cute. Thank you for being an inspiration.


  4. I love the nine patches and nearly started my ow stack but there are so many UFOs I decided not to . I really should try your 15 minutes a day. My arthritis gets in the way. I can’t wait to see Hawaiian Sunset and the tiny nine patches finished.

    1. This is really a ps. Hope your shoulder is better soon! Is this like the trouble you had with your shoulder several years ago?

  5. Love your 15 sessions. It’s amazing ho much progress you make. My sewing slows down in the summer months. Too many other things going on in the short New Hampshire summers. I had a shoulder issue in a couple of months ago. After a couple of weeks of pain and self diagnosis I finally went to the doctor. Turns out all of the horrible things I thought it might be, it was tendonitis. Ice packs ( I bought one of those shoulder things with pocket to hold gel pack so I could do other things while icing my shoulder)and PT helped me. I’m fine now and I now know what to do if it happens again. Can’t wait to see your Hawaiian Sunset completed. I have been wanting to make one too. As others have said…too many UFOs. Take care Jo.

  6. I’m plugging away at Tumelo Trail. I had started making the 9 patches for BH mystery quilt…which ones, I have no idea. I got waylayed and never went any further. Then, I saw your Tumelo Trail in mostly blues, and fell in love. I always wanted to make this quilt, but like you, wasn’t crazy about the colors in the book. I drug out my orange and neutral 9 patches, made a few more, and when I couldn’t stand looking at them any longer, modified the pattern. I have 9 patches in 2 corners, and single neutral blocks in the diagonal. I’m liking it. Assembling the blocks right now, and by mid week, should be ready to web the top. Still debating on a border, but I think I may just make large chunks of dark blue shirts and call it a day. Definitely not doing the piano key border, and don’t have any fabric in my stash that will work for a border. I’m on a “no buying fabric this year” pledge. Unless it’s absolutely necessary and I can order a yard or less, it’s coming from my stash. I’ve only had to purchase 1/2 yard of fabric so far this year. Yay! So glad to see you are still plugging away in your sewing room. 15 minutes a day has been my goal for several years now. It’s amazing what you can get done. I have shoulder issues too, just one of the physical plagues that limits my quilting time. Hope you can get it taken care of.

  7. I just finished a Framed Rectangle quilt in turquoise and brown. I bought a kit to make a cute tote bag so that will be next. I just dropped the quilt at the longarmer to work her magic this morning.

  8. I finished a quilt for a grandson who turned 35. He loves National Parks so I found a panel online featuring all 63 National Parks. I had it longarmed – now to catch him to gift it to him. Busy fella.

    1. With the garden, flowers, and work I don’t know if I could find 15 minutes a day. I barely have time to get home . 45 to hour each way. Then garden, supper, lunch next day and bed. Then by Friday it’s catch up. Off Fri Sat Sunday. I’m doing Windsong bom thru Red Roxy in Decorah.

  9. Lots of progress made! I think the 15 minute sessions really work because before you thought you needed so much more time to accomplish what you wanted to, that you ended up not doing any, but now you know it’s just 15 minutes that you can stick in here or there. I’m glad you are back on the Hawaiian Sunset quilt – anxious to see it completed.

  10. I finished the Bommie Hunter Indigo Way top and it is ready to go on the lomgarm. I have a reflections quilt on the design wall that is ready for sashing and borders. I am working on four BOMs and my goal is to keep up with them every month! I have a BOM from 2023 that I didn’t keep up with and it is my project every month at my guild’s free sewing time. I also have the fabric quilted for a by Annie Ultimate Travel Bag and would like to get it made before a trip to Maui next month. So many projects…..so little time! Hope your shoulder is better soon. I discovered boyfriends take a lot of time, but are definitely worth it. Haha!

  11. Judith Fairchild

    I like the take 15 minutes to sew a little. I’m making a summer quilt for myself. The one I made for myself years ago is worn out. The new one is simple as I’m having shoulder trouble. From reading the letters a lot of us have that problem. I take my Aleve in the morning and get to work on my quilt on most stay at home days.

  12. I’m working on a Christmas tree skirt. So far I’ve learned how to use a ruffling foot & how to sew slightly curved pieces together. Next I’ll be sewing the ruffle (already pinned) to the bottom of the round skirt. I haven’t sewn curves but I’m hoping it’s not going to be as challenging as my head is making it out to be because then I have to sew the top to the bottom & I’ve got the small round hole at the top. I plan on making/using yo-yos as something new instead of quilting it. A little anxious, but looking forward to learning some new techniques. Fingers crossed it goes well.

  13. I hurt my wrist so could not quilt for a couple of months…..ugh…but am now able to piece small squares. Working on a throw for my neice’s wedding in August.
    Hope your should feels better soon.

  14. I am on vacation right now at the New Jersey shore for 2 weeks. So, no sewing for me, though I have managed to purchase fabric that was pretty but not needed. I need to go on a no buying pledge until I get my sewing room under control.

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