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Ball games, Jerry, and a bit of an injury sidelined me from a lot of sewing this week. But, my daughter Kelli was home and did the math and some fabric cutting so that helped…and I stuck with the 15-minute time increments to make some progress.

My 15 minutes helped me get the binding on one of the coin quilts I had here waiting for a binding.

I was also able to squeeze in my Tiny Nine Patch Challenge blocks. I got 22 made. I think I have two weeks of blocks cut out. Once they are sewn, I will start assembling the quilt to see if I need more.

Kelli was home on Thursday. She did the math and helped me figure out the disappearing nine-patch quilt I’m working on. I decided to make it bigger than originally thought.

Kelli was so sweet and cut everything out I needed.

I need to make five more blocks so I got started on those.

This is the state of my dryer in the laundry room…covered with projects I thought I was going to get done. It’s all “pre-Jerry” and plans I had before we started dating. Now it’s just a mess.

I decided to start working on getting the white post office box under control. It’s all pieces of fabric that need to be cut down into strips for my scrap users system.

It’s only a small start, but a start is a start.

That’s what I’ve been up to. I did something and need to go to the chiropractor. I’m not quite sure what I did but something in my shoulder that is making things uncomfortable. I plan to call for an appointment Monday so fingers crossed it’s a one-and-done adjustment. As is, sewing and the angle I need to feed pieces through the sewing machine makes it pretty uncomfortable.

That’s what I’ve been up to. What have you been working on?

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  1. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Amazing what you can get done in 15-minute increments! I have a bin of fabric pieces that belonged to my husband’s grandma. Years ago I assembled quilts from blocks she’d made. This time I’m working on ironing those scraps and cutting out one tumbler block from each piece that’s big enough. Baby steps! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I’ve been working on a ‘copy’ of the triangle quilt that you posted a long time ago. I started using 3.5 in squares and I used up all my ”spare” triangle so I decided it was big enough. But it wasn’t;t even twin sized. So I cut out enough triangles for 2 more rows….. but some how cut 4.5 in squares of white which I sewed up, then discovered my error…..So I cut them down but still needed like 15 more so I cute some more 3.5″ squares….. OMG the second set were smaller than the first set!!!! I had only trimmed them to 4″ not 3.5 So I trimmed 90 squares done again!!!!!

  3. Not sewing or quilt related, except I’m working with small squares. Scanning 3000 slides. Sewing will have to take a backseat to that.

  4. Jerry looks like he can handle a ruler and rotary cutter. Set him up in the kitchen and he’ll have those scraps cut in no time.

  5. Sad to say I haven’t worked on anything for the past week. I’ve been visiting a friend who is handicapped so I tried to help her with her craft room. We also went to lunch and Hobby Lobby. We’re now at our RV rally in WY.
    I love your little nine patches and am eager to see what you do with them!
    Love and prayers

  6. First, I love seeing Kelli’s calculations. I do the same method using permutations of block sizes and numbers of blocks and rows plus border variations to calculate finished measurements to get the size needed for each project. I often use graph paper for a diagram to make a quick visual.
    Currently I have been making QOV blocks. I have 44 blocks done and more cut. I also finished a scrappy top for my sister-in-law and need to get it to the quilter. The colors coordinate with her antique rug.
    I am glad to hear your 15 minute increments are so productive. Quilting has so many steps that it is easy to work in bits and pieces toward a finish. Thanks for showing us your progress.

  7. Rebecca Burch

    I’ve been doing my sewing in 15 minutes blocks, too (my sewing mojo is kinda wanting). I sent one of my kids’ Christmas 2024 quilts to the long armer & now I just need to sew borders on the other 2 & get them gone, too. It will feel so good to be ready (early even!) for Christmas!

  8. Sorry to hear your shoulder is hurting. Hopefully it will be like you mentioned – one adjustment and done. You do make good progress in your 15 minute time blocks. I’ve been making square for quilt named Candy Swirls (I’ve seen more than one pattern by that name). It is a fun pattern for me. I have the 30 blocks made, now I am trimming and then decide on an arrangement.

  9. Praying your shoulder feels better quickly. You got an amazing amount of work done in only fifteen minutes! Wow!
    I’ve been hand quilting a vintage bowtie quilt top, and I’m beginning to put a top together of vintage applique blocks my mother-in-law sent to me that have been passed down through her family for possibly four generations. I’m terrified, but honored.
    Get well! Have fun with Jerry!

  10. Just got back from a 4 nite quilt retreat and got my mojo back! Yea! Made 2 charity quilt tops and blocks for a top for me. One of the charity tops is a scrappy design called Jewel Box, made with thin strips sewn on opposite corners of a foundation block. It’s so cute when the blocks come together cuz it looks like they’re set on point. Well, I brought my scraps bag, hoping I would have enough, but wound up not even making a dent in it! Looks like there are more in my future!

  11. Nothing as interesting as anyone here. I’ve just made some baby wraps and burp cloths for my niece, who has just had a baby. Actually she’s living in the US, in Hudson NY. Then I’ll see if I can go back to some of the projects I have going – a backpack, and an apron with appliqué cats on it. Hoping to get my sewing mojo back, but have been battling mental health issues.

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