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I had a busy week. I tried to sneak up to the sewing room for a few 15-minute sessions. If not for those, I wouldn’t have gotten a single thing done. So here’s to 15 minutes!!

I got the two coin quilts off the longarm.

I already have the binding cut. I just need to get it ready and apply it. I am happy to have these off as I want to finish the Iowa Hawkeyes quilt and get that on the frame.

Sadly, the only progress I made on that was to iron the block I made before…

I made 12 of my Tiny Nine Patch Challenge blocks. I think I have a few more weeks of blocks already cut out. I’ll sew them up and then stop for a big on these and start assembling them. I still have no idea how many I need and still haven’t taken the time to figure it out. I’ll just start sewing them together at some point and hope for the best.

With my limited sewing time, I must choose between machine time and designing time. I am going to go with machine time and wing it.

As I looked around my sewing room part of me just cringed to see my Hawaiian Sunset quilt still not together. I was so incredibly close to a finish!! This poor quilt. It always gets tossed to the wayside. I was so hopeful that this time around I would actually finish it. I’m not giving up hope yet. It will happen. It’s just a matter of when.

This quilt was started close to 15 years ago. OH MY!!

But…rather than beat myself up about what I didn’t get done, I’m going to celebrate what did!! Hopefully, I’ll get a little progress next week but it will still probably be slim progress. ‘Tis the season!!

11 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. It’s surprising how much you can accomplish in 15 minute sessions. Thanks for the suggestion, I’m going to try that instead of berating myself because I don’t have an hour or longer to spend at the sewing machine.

  2. I sometimes think those 15 minutes are such a waste because I want to get more done – truth be told, it really does add up. Hurray for those 15 minutes! :-)
    Love and prayers

  3. I love the navy blue you chose for your Hawaiian Sunset quilt. Would you share what it is? I am always amazed what you get done. Impressive.

  4. Just how many 15 minutes did you do, Jo?! You sure accomplished a lot. By this time next week you will probably have the coin quilts completed and on to the Iowa quilt. So much fun is trumping your sewing time!!

  5. there are actually some very successful 15 minute movements. Anyone remember Emilie Barnes and all of her 15 minute books and seminars ? And FlyLady has her 15 minute challenges still going.
    SO I am saying it is most likely a successful strategy for sewing/quilting as well.

  6. This is a hard time of the year to be inside with a machine when it’s so lovely out. I’d give myself a break. Cold weather will come….and your working, and have a “friend”.

  7. I need to do your 15-minute sessions – maybe I’d make some progress!
    15 years on one quilt? Why not?! I have a couple of cross-stitch pieces that took that long to complete – I’d get tired of them, put them away, and bring them back out later (sometimes more than once!). It’s not a race, right?!

  8. You say your Hawaiian Sunrise quilt was started 15yrs. ago so that makes me one up on you. I just dug a Double Wedding Ring top out of a box under my bed that I pieced at least 30yrs ago from Mary Ellen Hopkins’ pattern. It turned out great, her pattern is set together a bit different but it all went together perfectly. I didn’t have my Gammill at the time and the top turned out huge. So now I removed a bit at one end, leaving it at 92 x 92. Today I got the backing ready and freed the batting from its packaging to relax. Maybe that quilt will get finished before the end of the year yet! We just need to keep plugging away at these projects that have been mellowing for years. :)

  9. Just today, I saw a post that said “Progress, not perfection”. Even tho it was intended for my FB stroke group, I think it can apply to lotsa areas of life. Like our quilting. Progress – even tiny bits – is still progress!

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