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I told you in previous posts that I don’t expect much sewing or stitching to happen in June and that has proved to be true. Graduation parties and time with Jerry have taken all of my free time. I did manage to get to the sewing machine this week and work on these…

They are my Tiny Nine Patch block challenge pieces.

Here’s how many I got done…

I miss time in the sewing room so I’m trying to reimplement my old routine of just going in and working for 15-20 minutes at a time hoping that will add up to some type of progress.

Sewing these blocks together happened in two different sewing sessions. One of those sessions included this boo-boo.

I ended up making 20 and I’m happy with that.

In the past, I wouldn’t go to the sewing room unless I had a bare minimum of an hour’s worth of time to spend there. I could easily take four hours of a Saturday afternoon and sew my time away. Now I’m trying to pull 15 minutes here and there.

Another example of doing that this week was at the longarm. Last week I put about 15 minutes into finishing the coin quilt. I loaded it and made one pass across it. This week, I worked on it long enough to get to the opposite border. I am so close to a finish.

I’m confident that can happen this week. YES!! It’s taken a bit but it’s all still progress and all something I’m proud of.

I didn’t have any progress on my Iowa Hawkeye quilt. I was a little bummed about that. This week I brought the blocks and sashing fabric to the kitchen island so they are there and ready to cut some sashing. Even if the only thing I get done this week is to cut the sashing, I’ll be a happy girl. Little by little, it will happen.

I wish you lots of time in the sewing room this week, but if you’re like me and won’t get it, I hope you can pull 15 minutes here and there and still make progress to get your project a step or two closer to completion.

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  1. I needed the encouragement to work even 15 minutes each day quilting. I need to sew the binding on a nearly queen size quilt that is a gift. I dread it for so many reasons.
    You wrote a nice post on June 2nd, a nice memory of your husband.

  2. I put a quilt “on” the long arm, that had been just hanging out draped over it. I actually started quilting it this w/e! did 2 bobbins full before I stopped. Did 3-4 loads of laundry too…. it’s a lot!

  3. I haven’t had a full hour in my sewing room for a couple weeks. Happy to say I finished one cross stitch and some hand quilting on a little Christmas quilt—thanks to watching baseball. lol

  4. I’ll have to try the 15 minutes in the sewing room. I’ve been in kind of a sewing/quilting funk. I’ve started reading books again, checking out the real books at the library. I know you like to listen to books, Jo; I’m still one of those who likes the feel of a book in my hands. So far, I’ve read one memoir and now I’m reading fiction. I do have a baby quilt top that I finished recently that I want to get basted. Maybe I can do that today. Then another day, I can machine quilt it on my domestic machine. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. On those evenings when I’m tired from a long day I find if I can just get to my sewing space I perk up and end up sewing for an hour. I feel like the slowest sewer but always remind myself it’s not a race. Haha

  6. All progress is good progress. Any time spent will add up and having multiple projects gives options for what to do next in a short spurt to move things forward. Once you plan the layout of your little nine patch blocks, that could be a leader-ended situation. Your organizational skills are so good and every little bit counts. Love seeing your work!

  7. I need to try the 15 minutes at a time again. When I was working full time, I started the first Bonnie Hunter quilt I’ve done, Celtic Solstice. Many of those blocks were pieced in 15 minute increment style.

  8. So happy for you Jo and 15 minutes will add up. Does Jerry enjoy or admire your creative side? Or does he wonder why you cut up fabric just to sew it back together again? Keep up the great work and be happy!

    1. Judy Sovereign

      Jo those small amounts of time will add up. You’ll be surprised at what you get done. So glad for the new chapter in your life. I know you’re smiling a lot. Good to see you so happy. Judy KCMO

  9. Karin R from PA and FL

    I set my oven timer for 1 hour and settled into my sewing room ( which also holds bookshelves and misc storage) and was thrilled to get in an entire hour of sewing. If I can get 20 minutes to a half hour a day that is good. Last week I finished the 6th and last panel of redwork embroidery in a 20 minute space of time. Living in an old home while remodeling it takes me away from sewing. I have 11 UFOs and made a commitment to finish 5 this yr. I finished one so far!

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