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I got a chance to get to the sewing machine on Sunday. Oh my. It’s been such a long time. I had to refresh myself about the projects I’ve been working on. For the most part, Jerry (read the story HERE if you missed it) takes up most of my free time that the grandkids and kids weren’t taking up. It’s all good. I’m happy.

But…Jerry was working and I wasn’t working so I had a chance to get to the sewing room.

I really wanted to get the quilts that were on the longarm off. I had loaded my coin quilts on there 6 or more weeks ago and there they have sat waiting for me. I got the first one done…

But I had backing and batting for a second one loaded as well.

I had enough time to make one pass on the second quilt and now it will have to sit and wait again.

I ended up making more of my Tiny Nine Patch Challenge blocks…

I put together 18 of those. I am really getting to the point I need to count up and see how many I need to make a big quilt. I think at this point I have 373. It’s time to get a layout together.

I also finished all the Disappearing Nine Patch blocks for the Iowa Hawkeyes quilt.

The blocks all need to get ironed.

If I get some time this week, my goal is to get this into a top and/or get the other quilt finished and off the longarm. I do want to finish this quilt next.

A while back a blog reader sent me a sheet that would make a good backing for an Iowa Hawkeyes quilt. When I was working on the quilt, she emailed and suggested I use the backing for the quilt. I thought I had used it already and messaged her so. Well…the more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn’t think I did. After a hunt and reorganizing the quilt backing pile, I found it. YAHOO!! So, I have a backing!!

I had a blog reader message me and ask when I planned on having this quilt done and when I was giving more instructions. Hmm. The answer, I don’t know. It might be next week…it might be a month…it might be a year. My quilting life isn’t on a timetable and it can’t be. There are so many things in my life that have to be dictated by a timetable…my job, Jerry’s job, the grandkids’ ball schedule, grandma babysitting time, paying bills, watering flowers, meal prep, and more. I don’t want my hobbies on a timetable too. When life gives me free time, I’ll quilt. In the meantime, I’m doing all the other things which are priorities in my life. Remember, I’m a people over projects girl and there are a lot of amazing people in my life who deserve attention over quilts.

If anyone who was quilting along with me needs their quilt in a hurry, by all means, put your top together in whatever design you like and finish your top. It’s totally okay if you do. No one needs to wait for me…because as I said, the finish of my quilt is not on a timetable.

I hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day and taking time to remember those who gave all for our freedom. Jerry and I both have a rare day when we both have time off. I’m not sure what we’re doing yet. It will depend on the forecast…but I do know, we’re doing something together.

10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. So glad you found Jerry! Miss your quilting and cross stitch posts, but enjoying Jerry and your family should always take priority!

  2. I am really happy that you have found someone to spend time with. I know you miss quilting and cross stitching but at the same time, this is for you!
    Love those tiny nine-patches!
    Love and prayers

  3. It’s amazing that you squeezed in some sewing time! Thank you for sharing the results with us. Seeing your accomplishments makes me feel like my slow efforts are worthwhile too! Let’s declare that all progress is unexpected gain.

  4. You did accomplish much in your sewing room. Finishing the long arming on the one and making all those little nine patches was much. I hope you and Jerry were able to do something fun this day. It is cold here in Michigan, but people still attended this small village’s parade and activities.

  5. I was so sorry to read that Sandra of the Cresco ladies died. She will be fondly remembered and terribly missed.
    So happy for you to have found Jerry. Family is fabulous, but someone special is so important.

  6. curiosity about the followup tests for what the last regime achieved has been on my mind. I thought i kept a blog edition with the projection for followups to see what has been going on. BUT cannot locate. (thought i would be able to keep from bugging you about it)

    A cousin was a dentist turned to quilting (pieced, embroidery and appliqued tops) so I am really thinking Jerry might like speeding things up a bit by doing the longarming while you continue to crank out all those quilt tops, Arent you thrilled with my planning your hobby time for you ?? It would free up extra Jerry and Jo time and still let you see those UFOs disappear. HAHAHAHA I am so happy for your new adventure. You so deserve this .

  7. You were really busy and the quilts sure look beautiful. It’s always a wonderful feeling to be able to get back to doing something you love and knowing you are surrounded by extra love.
    Best wishes and blessings that everything continues to bring great joy and happiness.

  8. Love, love, love that you have Jerry in your life now!! Kids & grandkids are wonderful but it’s nice to have your person also!! I so enjoy your blog – please don’t stop telling us about you.

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