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Well…as I expected, no sewing happened this week. I’m still in my whirlwind that’s keeping me from the sewing machine and tomorrow I’m telling you about it. So stop back here tomorrow morning and I’ll share.

In the meantime, blog readers have been doing all they can to tempt me to get to the sewing machine…This bunch of goodies came from one blog reader…

Two books. Both look good and I don’t recall reading either of them. YAHOO!!

These reds are total temptation. If you’ve been reading the blog, you know red is my favorite color.

This was another box of goodies from a blog reader…books for my young friends, fabric, and some great magazines and leaflets.

I never did get an FFA quilt made. I’ll try for next year but the way I’m going…it will be long time before I finish a quilt. HA!

There were a bunch of great cross-stitch leaflets in the mix. My niece Jody stitched this for my sister.

When I cross stitched back in the 90s, I had this one…It was one I wished I hadn’t got rid of. Well now I have it back.

I squealed over this one. I’m often personalizing a piece and having letter options is awesome. I spent one night before bed paging through…so fun. I love fonts.

Seeing this made me smile. I have a copy of this magazine saved. It’s from 2010. At the time I LOVED the cover quilt and wanted to make it. It was paper pieced and the blocks had curved edges. I was so intimidated. I never even tried a block even though I loved it. I did save the magazine thinking someday I might make it.

Isn’t it an unusual quilt??

I love seeing how it looks on a bed. WOW. I still would love to make this.

If I even get back to a sewing machine, I might have to try a block and see how hard it would be to make. At least now paper piecing doesn’t scare me and curved seams don’t scare me. Hmm. I might have to give it a try.

I’ve had some other good goodies come in the mail but I already put them away before I wrote this post.

I so appreciate all of you who think of me by sending goodies my way. It is so sweet of you.

So…no sewing news today…sorry. I am off to get a little stitching time in or there will be no cross-stitch news either…HA!

11 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. It must be exciting opening parcels from blog readers, you never know what’s inside.
    I’m guessing I’m not the only one waiting on tenter hooks for your news tomorrow haha!

  2. No matter the topic, your blog posts are eagerly awaited and read by people all over. I know because I registered dozens of new visitors to my newsletter after inviting you to see my quilting friend’s book review. We’ll be excited to hear your news tomorrow.

  3. Great gifts from your readers. You mentioned young readers and my mind went back to the young neighbor girl who used to come over. How is she doing? Is she still living near you? It was so nice she has/ had you to come and visit with.

  4. Martha W in WY

    Wow! All those mail goodies would get me excited, too. My day will be consumed by planting seedling and bare root trees. Happy Monday to all!!

  5. The neighbor girl popped into my head today too!
    The red fabrics sent by the blog reader would look FANTASTIC in the paper pieced quilt. Coincidence………

  6. Like Darlene, when I saw that quilt on the cover of that magazine I thought of all the reds you received to choose from. Maybe that was a sign. Thanks for sharing.

  7. About that quilt pattern – I have tried different techniques for blocks. I tell myself to make enough blocks for a pillow or small wall hanging. If I like the technique, colors, or whatever, I can always continue to make more blocks. I guess I got tired of having so many works in process or orphan blocks.

    Since my mom was a war bride, I’ve downloaded the War Brides book (Kindle unlimited) and noticed that the same author has a series of books on colonial life – those are on my wish list.

  8. How fun to receive such goodies. That quilt on the magazine cover is stunning. I can imagine you making it! It reminds me of some of the quilts of Judy Niemeyer’s (sp?).

  9. I love the virtuous woman cross stitch. I’d love to do it. I’m also not getting much sewing done either, but for me, it’s because I’m battling anxiety and some depression, which, trust me, are among the best de-motivators around. I don’t recommend it….

  10. Hi, Jo. I love reading your blog every day. And I just want to share that I was in Iowa yesterday and Eastern Iowa is beautiful! I’d been through around Des Moines but yesterday we took the Great River Road from Dubuque to La Crosse. Even through the pouring rain, it was mystical. You’re so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the state.

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