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I was a busy girl this week. The only problem, all my busyness was not directed toward sewing or stitching or housecleaning or anything like that. I told you my life kind of took a turn that has kept me away from crafting. I do plan on talking with you about it soon. Just know I’m okay, I don’t have everything quite in place to tell you yet. Soon though, I promise.

The time I did get in the sewing room was completely spent on the Iowa Hawkeyes quilt I’m making.

This is the disappearing nine-patch quilt that some of you have been sewing along with me. You can get more specifics back in THIS BLOG POST.

When I left you last week, I was planning on ordering more fabric. I didn’t have the best variety and had decided I needed more 5″ square so I ordered these three fabrics.

Then I immediately cut out 5″ squares.

I was doing a little but of hurry up sewing and ended up making a block wrong. Isn’t that how it goes?

Hurry up, just to get behind. I quick round with the seam ripper and I was back in business.

I ended up getting 12 blocks finished. Here they are all laid out. There will be white sashing in between the blocks. They are coming together and it’s looking nice.

I’m making mine in a 4 x 5 setting and I’m planning on making a border with this fabric….

I think a 4.5″ border.

I am planning on going to visit my son Buck on Saturday. I think I’ll plan to stop at JoAnn’s on the way and see if they have a backing fabric. I’d like an Iowa Hawkeyes flannel…but if I can’t find that, it’s okay. Something else will do.

That’s what I worked on. Next week looks busy too but I plan to keep plugging away at it. Hopefully, I’ll at least get the last 8 blocks sewn together.

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      1. When I have looked, it’s all out of stock. UGH. I’m going there on Saturday in person. I’m hoping the store I am going to has it.

  1. I’m glad to think your life is varied enough to absorb much more than crafting, housecleaning, and blogging. The Disappearing Nine Patch is coming along so quickly! I’ve never made one, but you’ve got me thinking about that too now. I’m looking forward to further news on both fronts.

  2. Should really appeal to the Hawkeye fans out there! I’m sure it will do well at the fund raiser. Glad you’re enjoying life!

  3. Your quilt top is wonderful. I checked on the Joann website and am not seeing a Hawkeyes flannel. Fleece, but not flannel. Maybe you can research a black and/or yellow plaid or stripe flannel. Or try Hancocks of Paducah website, especially their sale fabrics, to see if they have anything that might work. Solid black with yellow bobbin thread or solid yellow with black thread might be an alternative. The Hawkeye yellow is a strong, saturated color which I love. You may be able to find 108” solid color flannel and not have to piece it. And preshrink for sure! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  4. Norma Hackman

    Hi Jo. Where did you order those 3 additional fabrics from? Our Relay team is doing the quilts again this year.

  5. You are correct, always mistakes when we hurry too much. Thanks for Jack (the ripper!). This quilt will be so pretty when you finish it. You are way ahead of schedule. Prayers being said for you.

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