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We were really busy last week.  Some of the kids were home and we spent Sunday at a family picnic.  It’s the wind down of our summer here and not a lot of sewing happened.  I took advantage of having the kids home the last week before they went back to school and did some house cleaning. I managed to get 18 more pineapple blocks done.  WOW!  I wish I could accomplish that many each week.

This week I am hoping to get something sewn with this….

It’s a Moda Bake Shop project.

Yesterday we had a family picnic and some big things happened there.   Make sure to check out this post.

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8 thoughts on “What I’m Working On”

  1. Jo—your Pineapple Insanity blocks (what I’VE chosen to call that quilt) are looking AWESOME!!! At this point in my life, I have NO AMBITION to try that quilt out; nu-uh! BUT anyone making it….I will bow down to and call the ‘Queen(King) of everything Insane!’ :0)

    Can’t wait to see what you turn the jelly roll into :)

  2. Love your pineapple blocks. I made a pineapple quilt a few years ago, and now after seeing Bonnie’s I think I will have to start another one. Great way to use up those little bits of loved fabrics. Sure does make a mess of my sewing room with all the little pieces laying about. Have a great week!

    Northwest TN where it is really raining today. We are doing the happy dance!!

  3. Just LOVE the colors in your pineapple blocks. SO happy! Keep at it, sooner or later you will get there, and when you do, it will be an accomplishment worth the effort.

  4. I am patiently waiting for my copy of String Fling to arrive and am pulling bright strings and chunks. I’m a little curious though — what is the finished size of that block?

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