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Now much happened this week in the sewing department. Being I was gone at the cross stitch retreat, I wasn’t home to sew…so not much got done.

I am so happy with myself though…I did get my Tiny Nine Patch blocks done. I did more than the 10 blocks than I am supposed to do too!! Yahoo!! 20 more are finished. I love it.

This is my box of finished blocks waiting for me to count up and see how many I need to make the size of quilt that I want to make.

I got home from the retreat late on Saturday night, woke up on Sunday and went to the sewing room. I had an itch to stitch. I wanted to get a few minutes of time in before my day got busy. Later in the day I wanted to go to the Junk Sale that I always go to. I also wanted to watch the Iowa Women play basketball for the championship…and if the weather straightened out, I wanted to walk the dogs with Carla.

That meant if I was going to sew, I needed to do it now. As much as I longed for some mindless piecing at the machine, my quilt top flimsies are adding up. I think I have six now that need to be longarmed. UGH. That’s too many. I also have a few charity quilts here I would love to get to. I have been caught up in that department (at least with my own) and I don’t want to get grossly behind.

So…to the longarm I went. I didn’t have backings so I put together a backing and loaded this quilt. It’s a simple coin quilt. I have two more that look similar. Both of them need to be longarmed as well.

I finished it later in the afternoon. I had to stop and go to my junk sale and watch the Iowa Women play basketball.

It’s done and ready to be bound. I already have the binding cut. I think before I do that I’ll get the other two through the machine quilting process. We’ll see. I’m really itching to longarm the blue and white checkerboard quilt as well as the one I finished last week with the mitered borders. Both of them are on my UFO list. Hmm.

I don’t expect to have a lot of time for quilting this week. My kiddos and grandkids are coming home this weekend. That’s when I typically do my quilting. We’ll see. I might squeeze some in. For now I was thankful I got this much done.

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  1. Your quilt is so pretty! One down—that’s what I call progress! Not much sewing for me either. This week I’ve done some spring house cleaning and had a start on some garden clean up. Did put some time into Red Pear finishing—it will get there! Have a good week!

  2. Such a pretty quilt! The colors look like it will be for a girl. Who will be the lucky recipient?
    Love and prayers

  3. Helen Reimers

    I think those leftover 9 patches would make a fabulous fall table runner to go under your dough bowl. Just an idea.

  4. Oh, I do love a good Chinese Coins quilt. Such a fun way to use scraps or showcase a fabric line you love. Your tiny 9-patches look wonderful, too, Jo! It’s always great to sew along with you – or just enjoy seeing what you’ve been working on. Have a good week. ~Suzanne

  5. I’m with you…I hate having tops waiting to be quilted! I’ve got 5 right now since I am without my “quilting machine”. It is sitting at the repair shop, waiting on a control board that’s been on backorder since January. Ughhhh! For some bizarre reason, they can’t put the old one back in and let me use it till the new one comes in. I think it’s a conspiracy! And my “new-to-me” longarm is also waiting on parts. If the tops weren’t so big, I’d get them under my vintage Singer with a walking foot and get them done, but I can’t wrestle quilts that big. It’s too hard on my back. So, we’re playing the waiting game…and I’m still piecing, so no telling how many I will have accumulated by the time I get a working machine. Yikes!
    Can’t wait to seewhat you do with all your little 9 patches…they are so cute!

  6. I don’t have WIP waiting to be put together as I usually finish my tops. BUT I have many to long arm. And I’m talking 20+. It’s my major goal this year to finish them. It’s very time consuming to find backings and iron everything and get the batting sized correctly before loading it. This is the part I hate, and hate isn’t a strong enough word for me to use. I need to get these finished, then make a rule to long arm them before making another top. OR I could donate them?

  7. I love the colors in this quilt and the border fabric is a great choice! Coin quilts are a great way to use scraps. Thanks for you health update post. You’re in my prayers.

  8. Hi Jo…I believe this is my first comment since following you. I have been following Mary for a long time and found you through her. I am Sue in Oregon and I see you there sometimes. Small internet world, isn’t it? Because of you I am reorganizing my vast scrap heap and What a mess I am in. LOL It’s going to be wonderful though, to have organized scraps. I want to start using them more now. I love today’s coin quilt. Such pretty colors. Thanks for showing us your work and your life. Take good care of yourself.

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