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I had a little but of sewing time this week. I had enough that I felt like I accomplished something. That’s always good.

First off I have my Tiny Nine Patch Challenge blocks done. I made them while watching the Iowa Hawkeye Women play basketball.

I’m so glad I have a pretty good organization system down when I’m making these.

Here is this week’s bunch. That’s 24 more to add to the bunch.

I was able to sneak upstairs throughout the week and got my checkboard quilt finished into a top.

On Saturday I gave it the big final ironing. I put the ironing board in the living room and ironed while I watched floss tube.

I had another quilt top finish…Back in early March I pulled out this UFO. A long time ago Ila sent me two turnovers of American Jane fabric. I sewed the triangles together and then they sat.

I had originally thought I would come up with some fun pattern for them. It never happened they became a UFO. In early March I pulled it out and decided I would just sew them together. I would donate it as a charity top and clean it off my UFO list. It didn’t take long and it was a plain jane top. Cute fabric but pretty plain and not really big.

I looked through my fabric thinking I’d add a border and it would be big enough for a single bed. Nothing really looked good. UGH.

I ended up going online to Quilted Twins and typed “American Jane” into the search bar. They had a fabric that was pretty good priced and I decided to splurge and but the border fabric. It was something different than I usually do and looking at it, I could see I’d need to miter the corners. BLAH.

My daughter Kelli wanted to come and visit on Thursday and I said that was fine, but I HAD to accomplish a couple of things on my list. One of those things was to use the border fabric and finish the quilt top.

Kelli and I debated on how to cut the fabric and what to use as the border. We came up with a decision and Kelli started cutting.

I tested it on the quilt…oh my. I think I’m going to love it.

As Kelli cut, I attached borders and got the stitching lines drawn to make the mitered corners.

YAHOO!! It worked. It had been a bit since I’ve done mitered corners. Typically I try to avoid them. HA!

We accomplished my goal and the quilt got it’s borders. Oh. My. Word. I love this quilt. Adding the border really finished it off beautifully. Now I don’t want to donate it. HA!

…and I might not. We’ll see. It was to be for a really good cause because I love it.

On Saturday I gave this one its final iron before heading to the long arm as well. I am just tickled with it.

That’s what I was up to this week. I guess I need to go back to my UFO list and pull another UFO. I really should get these to the longarm but I need backing fabric first. I think I have some but I need to pull it out and get everything measured.

I will need something to piece at the machine. Hmm. I’m headed off to check out my UFO list. I am so glad I made that as it’s a quick reference to what I have to choose from. You can find the updated list HERE. Take a look and make your suggestions on what project I should pick next.

29 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. The border fabric finishes the quilt off beautifully. I wouldn’t want to give it away either. Hope you find a suitable backing fabric for it soon.

  2. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Love your finished quilt! Since you asked for suggestions, either your Hawaiian Sunset or the red hourglass. Looks like you have a decent start on those.

    1. I love it! I think you should keep it. My vote is Hawaiian Sunset. I’ve been patiently waiting. It’s so pretty!

  3. Plain Jane isn’t so plain, is it? So pretty – you both did a great job.
    I vote for Hawaiian Sunset!
    Love and prayers

  4. A really lovely quilt top! . How good that you andKelli can work together so well. Your yellow border choice is perfect- it makes the top jump out. Perfect mitres too. Definitely keep it.

  5. The border is perfect. How fun for you and Kelli to work together. My vote is Hawaiian Sunset, it’s oh so close and I love the pink fabric in it.

  6. That border just makes the quilt! I vote for Hawiian Sunset, it’s time to get it done so you can enjoy it!

  7. Great, great finish!! You and Kelli still make a great team! My daughter and I were like that when we lived closer to each other. You made the perfect choice for the border and perfect miter! I can hardly wait until we see these quilts hanging in the breeze all finished.

  8. Pick the one that will bring you the greatest joy. American Jane is gorgeous. The border really brought out its beauty.

  9. I love how a basic no frills quilt top can be taken to the next level with a fun border treatment. I had that happen recently, too. Feels good, doesn’t it? It’s Spring and I think Florabunda would be a good one to take on next. Something bright and cheery! I also would love to see the S’mores top finished. This pattern is basically an Economy block, right?

  10. In case you’re still wanting to know, I couldn’t read this post until you posted another newer one about your test results. Now that one is gibberish. I tried on both my new iPad and iPhone. Same result. Love the completed top!!

  11. American Jane finish is wonderful, perfect border fabric. I look forward to seeing what you do pick to work on next.

  12. That is the perfect border to make that quilt shine. The colors and the pattern are perfect. I was thinking that your S’mores quilt is done; so, I vote for Train Tracks and Emerald City.

  13. Martha W in WY

    I vote for Hawaiian Sunset for the next one. The colors make me think of spring or summer. My second choice would be the red hour glass one. I love how the American Jane turned out. The border print is perfect for this one.

  14. Sometimes the simple projects turn out to be the ones I like the most. The border makes that quilt stand out! And your mitered corners are amazing.

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