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I kind of feel like an old broken record. I’m working on the same projects all of the time and I’m making about the same amount of progress. I need a big bunch of time so I can make a big bunch of progress. To date, that chunk of time hasn’t come my way so I’ll keep puttering along.

I worked on my blue checkerboard quilt. I call this my New-FO. It’s a UFO that got a new idea…thus the New-FO. HA! I think there is a piece of every blue fabric that I’ve ever touched in the 5 years or so in this quilt. There is also a lot of “how did that get in my stash piece too”.

I’m plugging along. I think this will be a top next week. I plan to put it on the long ASAP.

I have two sections going and a have a few partial stips. If I’d have only had more time on Sunday…but alas. I didn’t. I think I have 14 rows in the big chunk, four in the little chunk, and three more rows that are about halfway together. I had planned on making it 20 x 20 but I didn’t count when I was making the blocks. It might end up a little bigger if I have more blocks left over.

Here’s something I do that I thought I would share with you.

When my quilt top gets big and is harder to manage, I often stop and start another section. It’s easier to manage that way.

When I do, I always put in a large safety pin the the corner that I will match and sew it to from the big section.

That way when I match the two sections, I know the color placement will be right. I also know that I can’t add any rows to the side with the safety pin.

I’m closing on a flimsy finish with this one.

I have been thinking about it and I think I am going to take Mary from Chicken Scratch Country Threads’ queue and finish it with straight line quilting. I think it will look good with this. (Thanks Mary for the card shower-more on that to come in another blog post!!)

The dogs were enjoying a quiet day with no foster puppies here-me too! Happily, another foster decided to take my Vinnie. It’s hard for me to care for puppies when I have to take them back and forth to work with me. Plus we don’t get long breaks at work so I can’t be outside with a puppy that has to be walked for 10 minutes before it will potty. It’s so much easier for me to foster older dogs…I’ll still foster puppies when I have to but will try to focus on older dogs more if I can.

Anyway…we all enjoyed a quiet day sewing on Sunday with no extra people or dogs here…HA!

I am so proud of myself. I am still plugging away on the Tiny Nine Patch Challenge.

I got 27 done this week.

I got some extras started for next week. I wish I had time to sit down and get the rest of them sewn. I also wish there was a real pattern to go with them. I’m thinking about starting to sew them together because I’m getting anxious to see what they are going to look like.

I got a jump start on my blocks for next week.

That’s the only excitement in the sewing room. As I said, it’s the same old same old report. More Tiny Nine patches…more checkerboard progress. I almost cut out a Lori Hold block but my Saturday plans morphed into something else so I didn’t get a chance.

So friends, what are you sewing on??

OOPS…I forgot to tell you. Kalissa got the video edited. This is how I make my Tiny Nine Patch Challenge blocks.

You’ll have to check it out by pushing the play button or following this link to YouTube.

18 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your video Jo. Thank you for spending time to make it and thanks to Kalissa for editing it. Lovely to see you looking so bright and well. Take care!

  2. Good Morning Jo! I bookmarked the video to watch later.
    I’m also one to think I never have a good amount of progress – there’s either something going on, chores, etc., but even a little progress is good, so sayeth my mom. ;-)
    Love and prayers

  3. For ideas on the nine patches I found a old book/pamphlet by Quilter’s Newsletter (boy I miss that magazine!) that showed the results of a nine patch challenge. There are so many clever ideas for layouts! I am ahead of the patch making game as a dear friend left me a box of unfinished patches and no other instructions. I finished the nine patches but haven’t finished a project with them…most likely more than one project in the works!

  4. Hi Jo! Any progress is good in my book. I wanted to comment on your blue 9 patch. Way back when I first started following you, you commented once that you didn’t like to mix white based neutrals with cream/yellow based neutrals in the same quilt. That it muddied it up or something. It was a long time ago. Anyway I noticed that you have all different colors of neutrals in your blue 9 patch quilt and they all seem to get along together. It is going to be beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you do to finish it. Praying for you while awaiting your test results.

  5. Progress is still progress however small – the end is in sight with each little session. Amazing work though – all of it!
    Here, I’m enjoying working through my scrap 1.5 inch squares – a bit like you! I’ll stop when I’ve run out of squares and work on another one – I’m thinking of ways to make them into something else. And then I’ll return to making the border blocks for my husband’s quilt – should give me some more scrap at the end of it! LOL!
    I’ll be watching your video later on! Cheers!

  6. It’s a progress report! It was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed watching your progress. I absolutely love the blue checkered one. I am currently obsessed with multi-quares piecing, doing a lovely 16 patch with Kaffe and Kaffe -like fabrics. Having a blast!

  7. You’ve made more progress than me. I’m kind of stalled out on my quilting at this point. I’m dealing with house projects. I loved the video. What a clever way to make a nine patch block. Hugs and Prayers!

  8. It is always fun to see what progress you have made with any of your projects no matter how small it may be. The blue and white quilt will be very pretty when you finish it. I agree that straight line quilting will look great with that quilt. I think I missed what size squares you are using for that quilt. Are they 2.5 inch or larger?

  9. Great video! I make mine exactly like you do,except I used a seam ripper to remove the square! Can’t wait to get in my sewing room and try ripping it off like a tooth! Thanks!

  10. Loved watching your video. I never thought to press the seams all in the same direction. I always press to the dark. I think your way seems much faster and I bet the blocks (especially the small size) lay much flatter. Going to give it a try. Thanks Jo. You look great BTW. You’ve been through so much but still keep your smile and great attitude. You go girl!!!

  11. Hi Jo,
    Saturday adventures are all gobbledygook please can you re post this as I love to read what you and your family are doing.
    Cheers from Australia

  12. Thanks for all the awesome tips on 9-patches! Now what will you do with all of the 1.25” squares you tore off and put into your bucket?

  13. Any progress is good progress in my book, Jo. Thanks for sharing yours! I’ve made little to no progress on anything quilt related for a month since we have been in Texas avoiding the tail end of Michigan winter. Michigan winter hasn’t been all that terrible this year, but I sure did enjoy being able to go outside every day without coat, hat, mittens, etc. Anyway, I only took my cross-stitching with me on the trip. It was good to take a total break from quilting and really reconnect with cross-stitching. But today is my first day back at home and I am planning to make bunches and bunches of Tiny Nine-Patch blocks! Thanks for the tutorial, which is sure to inspire and speed up my process. So glad you are feeling good enough to do any of this stuff and that you can have people around again!

  14. Marlene Clausen

    The list of what I’m working on is long. I started stitching down the binding on the Gift Box Quilt (from Just Two Charm Packs book) and finished sewing the binding on the baby quilt I made from the “leftovers” from it. I finished cutting and started piecing a new QOV. I finished sewing and mailing Easter and birthday cards and gifts. In “the queue” are a mystery quilt that needs it’s last border sewn on and then get it “under the needle” and get a Newport Fantasy quilt trimmed and bound. In between have been working on knitting some cotton dish cloths. Am hoping to finish all of these plus cut and pieced one more QOV top in April.

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