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I didn’t get a lot done this week…I had puppies here. I’m telling you about them in the evening blog post, Kalissa and I went shopping on Saturday and I’m still not feeling the best. All that, mostly the puppies, lead me to not getting a lot done.

I am still working on keeping up with my tiny nine patch challenge. 21 more blocks are finished.

I started another batch too.

I got my American Jane half square triangles together and into a quilt top. I have to decided if I’m comfortable with the size it is…or if I’m going to put a border on it…also what I’m going to do with it. I was thinking about shipping it off to a charity quilt top finisher. Hmm. Who knows at this point. All I know is that it’s one step closer to a finish…and more importantly, it is off a surface in my sewing room.

I worked more on getting my checkerboard quilt into a top. I have six rows sewn together.

I have more rows started. I need 20 rows all together.

I’m hoping next week that this one will be a completed top…but who knows. My kids and grandkids are coming home this weekend so I won’t have a lot of extra time for sewing.

A sweet blog reader sent me some fabrics. They were perfectly perfect for me. Reproduction fabrics…some charm packs. Blue and white fabric that I’ll use if I need to make more blocks.

And a Lori Holt fabric or two.

I told you last week I was starting to collect them. Speaking of sweet blog readers and collecting Lori Holt fabric. Look what someone sent me.

I say someone as there was not note. I have no idea who sent it.

I’m assuming it’s Lori Holt fabric. YAHOO!! That put a big smile on my face for sure!!

That got me more serious about wanting to make a Lori Holt quilt. I looked and looked and I think I’m going to make this one.

I haven’t read too much about it yet…just enough to know it’s called, Granny Star Block and is in the book Scrappiness is Happiness. You can find it HERE.

I’ll want to make mine bigger…I haven’t thought it through too much yet. I’ve only thought enough to know I’m super excited to make a quilt. This one will be for me for my bed. I don’t have a summery quilt and this one I think would be a good pick. We’ll see.

I know for sure I won’t start it yet in March. There are a few things I want to wrap up first. I don’t plan on sewing this one fast either…more of a two blocks a week sort of plan I think.

I know some of you mentioned that if I make a quilt from the book, you want to join in. This is your official invite.

Lori Holt has a YouTube video showing how to make the block. Watching might help you decided if you want to join in the making of this quilt. Again…I don’t plan on doing this in a hurry.

That’s the excitement in the sewing room…What are you busy working on?

12 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Gosh – for someone who says they didn’t get a lot done, you sure got a lot done! ;-) Love seeing your progress!
    You said you weren’t feeling well – continuing to keep you in prayer.
    The Lori Holt project looks neat!
    Love and prayers

  2. I’m kind of stalled out at the moment. I finished a quilt top from a kit I bought 10 years ago. There’s enough fabric leftover for the backing. I’m trying to figure out how to piece it all together to make it look fairly good. I have a piece of cross stitch I’ve been working on but am off 1 thread when trying to join a basket handle, so I need to figure that one out. I also have a piece of embroidery that I’m not happy with either. Whew! If I could get just one thing working right, I would be a happy woman. Wish me luck!

    1. Hi Mary could you perhaps put a cute button on the top where you are one of maybe a tiny bird just a thought,
      cheers Elissa (Australia).

  3. Cynthia from Nebraska

    I got my Sparrows quilt back from the longarmer and I love it!! I made the binding already, too. However, there’s a pile of paperwork and some mending to do before I get to that.

  4. Joy in NW Iowa

    Hi, Jo! Hope you’re feeling ok. I know, it will be a bit before the itchy stuff is all gone but hang in there.
    we’ll, this past Thursday I brought a ‘graduation’ quilt to the spa. I picked up two quilts they had finished quilting for me. One is a king size and the other a twin, so, they are on the list for binding. Plus, it was national quilting day on Saturday so I HAD to sew, right? Well, I put a couple projects to the side while I did the graduation quilt; so I got one of those out…actually had forgotten the blocks were finished .
    I look forward to your puppy escapades!

  5. When your site comes up there is no longer the section at the top. I want to send Lori a couple of tops for Sharehouse. Did you know that section is now missing?

  6. Lori Holt inspired me to start making 9 patch blocks – like you I’m ploughing through the little things and reducing my scraps! I even sourced a nice little old wallpaper roller and it certainly does make the bulkier seams lie flat. How lovely that you were sent some of her fabric! Enjoy!

  7. I would say you made lots of progress. I still am not sure how you manage to get so much done and still work, foster puppies, care for your body and enjoy your family! I always like seeing what you have been working on.

  8. Yes, Jo. That is all Lori Holt fabric in the bundle from Gardenia Fabrics. I sent you a message about it on your Instagram account. I ordered it right after you mentioned that you needed LH lights if you were going to make those quilts or do a sewalong. Hope you will enjoy them!

    1. Mary Jo!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you. I don’t look at Instagram as much as I should and haven’t seen the message. I am so wowed by you generosity!!

  9. Jo, hope you are feeling better with each day. I look forward to seeing the blue and white rows put together. I own the book with the Lori Holt pattern, but I haven’t made anything out of it yet. I may be willing to join in on the fun. I will make mine out of some lovely reproduction fabrics that I have been saving. Keep us posted about starting.

  10. Marlene Clausen

    I had to laugh about what I was “working on” as I didn’t even read your post of 3/18 until today, 3/19! I have been quilting a top that was part of a sew along. I have NEVER had sew many interruptions quilting! The kind that take me off the quilt all day kind. It took two weeks to quilt it and should have been only 2 -3 days. It is now ready to have the binding stitched down and am sew far behind I have to finish making and mailing birthday and Easter gifts/cards first. YUP. That far behind!!! Oh, well, to say I am keeping busy, if not very productive, is OK.

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