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You might remember last week I left you with a “No Fun until the the Work is Done” challenge. I needed to clean my sewing room and encouraged any of you who wanted to join me. I tackled mine early in the week because being I had time off, I wanted to sew later in the week. I didn’t end up sewing a lot this week but plenty. I was in the sewing room but I was prepping some wool projects I’ll tell you later and I was finishing my cross stitch red pears. So I had sewing time…just not quilting time and that okay. I wanted my week to focus on things that are harder to do when I’m working. Quilting I can fit it so it was lower on my priority list this week.

Here’s what I did get done…

My 16-patch Half Square triangle quilt got bound. (true confession: I bound it before I cleaned my sewing room but binding it’s fun so I thought I would get a pass on that)

I have pictures taken but I need to edit them and write the blog post about that quilt yet. I love it and am so happy it’s done.

I put the borders on my coin quilt. I started pulling backing for the quilts too. I have three now that are all tops and need to be machine quilted.

I reorganized some the shirt fabrics and put them all away.

I wanted to really jump ahead on my tiny nine-patch challenge and did. Here are different groupings of blocks I made.

I think I ended up making 83 more blocks. That sounds like quite a few but when you need something like 720, it’s not many.

I also cut out about 100 more blocks.

I want to start looking for a fabric for the alternate. I really think I’m going to use muslin. It seems appropriate and cost effective too!! Here is a picture of what the finished quilt is supposed to look like.

YES. I am going to do the borders. I think they make the quilt.

Now when I look at the quilt, there are only 480 blocks there. I’m going to have to stop and do some math to see how big I want it to be. I’d like it to be close to 100 x 100 so I can put it on my bed. Hmm. In the meantime, I can keep sewing. I only have just over 200 blocks now.

If you want to know more about the quilt, HERE is the link.

I did pull a new leader and ender project. It’s on my UFO list. Ila had sent me some turnover packs of American Jane fabrics. A year or more ago I decided to just sew them into half square triangles. Then they sat. When I was cleaning I decided that I would just sew them together and use it for a donation quilt.

I am mostly using it as a leader and ender project but I also made another stipulation to it all. Before I can leave the sewing room after working on a project, if I haven’t sewn a row together doing leaders and enders, I have to stay in the sewing and sew until one row is together.

I have a few rows together!! I’m going to keep that plan I’d really like to get the quilt finished and made into a top. That would be closing in on another UFO finish then.

I did shoot TWO videos on Sunday. They need to be edited and published but you can watch for them to come out. One is about how I’m making my tiny nine patch blocks. The other is just a chit chat Sew with Jo style video.

As you can see I didn’t get a lot done but I am happy with the progress. Considering about 7 hours was ate up just cleaning the sewing room…I think I did pretty good. How did you all do with the no fun until it’s done challenge? Did you some sewing cleaning done?

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  1. I wish I could say I straightened up my craft closet but no go. We went away for the weekend and I had a lot of chores to do last week that took up my time. I do have it on my list for this week tho. ;-)
    I really love those tiny blocks and the coin quilt!
    Love and prayers

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Good work Jo.
    Yes I worked on the 1st. quilt for myself in 27 years my old quilt has worn out. It’s an easy pretty one simply a a nine inch yellow block with green borders.

  3. I got three tops done and finished three more pilllow cases for Ryan’s case fir smiles. That’s 27 pillowcases ready to be donated. They go to kids in the hospital or shelters. My extra fabric from last top is put away and foot of bed is looking better. I do have another stack of fabric I need to decide what to do with and I will be in better shape. I won’t get much sewing done this week due to quilt shop I work in one day a week is having a huge 3 day sale. People start asking us right after this one is done when the next one is. I do hope to get in a few more stitches in my cross stitch. Have a good week Jo .

  4. Oh wow! I would love to take a deep dive into your shirt bins! You have so much variety. I thought I did, with 3 tubs of shirts, but it’s nothing compared to yours. I think the muslin choice will be great for your nine patch quilt. It will really let those little blocks shine!
    So excited about new videos coming out!!! I love your sew with Jo videos and I think I have all that are on your channel memorized…hehe…
    Hope you have a good week going back to work. Thanks for all you do for us!

  5. good morning Jo! Well done with your challenge. I did do a quick clean up then tackled my shirt pile. Your collection rivals mine by leaps and bounds but it’s a start. I’m just cutting up my husbands. You seem to get better deals at thrift stores down south. Here they are wanting $5 or $6 each which i’m not willing to pay.

    Doing some up cycling with old blue jeans. I’m making tote bags to be sold for Grandma Link (Granny’s for Africa) which helps out African grandmothers raising their grandchildren when parents die from AIDS.

    Have a great week, do what brings you joy!

  6. Are your tiny nine-patch blocks 1-1/2” finished or 3” finished. I’m doing 3”. I make my nine patches starting with only two strips 6-1/2” long and an extra 1-1/2” square of whatever is the center color. I’m a little behind, but I figure I don’t have to make as many as she’s making of
    1-1/2” size. I love the teeny tiny 1-1/2” block and may make a little table topper of that size. Looking forward to your YouTube of your nine-patch blocks.

  7. You did make good progress. The nine-patch blocks are so tiny! Good for you, but too small for me haha. I like your hst quilt and looking forward to the coming pictures. I more or less had my sewing room cleaned, but had to move everything out of there so carpet can be cleaned which happens tomorrow. I’m not expecting any sewing time this week, but that’s okay.

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