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I got home yesterday afternoon and decided to make my way to the sewing room stat. It had been a week since I’d been there and I really needed the head clearing that methodically putting things under the needle does for me. So, off I went. There were 100 other things I needed to do but I left that all and sewed.

I’ve been working on my Tiny Nine Patch Challenge. I was able to add 20 more to the mix this week. YAHOO!!

I’ve been following others who are stitching this on Instagram. Some are already getting to put their quilts together or already have them completely into a quilt top. IMPRESSIVE. I love seeing them. I’ve noticed that many have been including some blocks like this one…

See the different color in the middle square? I’m going to make more in that style.

That’s all I got done in the sewing department this week being I was either driving back and forth to the Mayo Clinic for an appointment or was in the hospital at Mayo Clinic. I’m happy with that accomplishment.

I have all of this week off for work. I more or less have covid guidelines right now…stay six feet away from other people, wash my hands excessively, be careful with bodily fluids. I also have higher cautions to stay away from babies or pregnant women. I can still run to the grocery store as I wouldn’t be in close contact or closer than six feet from anyone for an extended time. Also, that drops dramatically each day that goes by.

That means I have a week to do what I want…HA. Not true. I have a week to catch up on things. One of my plans is to completely clean the sewing room. It needs it so badly.

I’ve neglected putting fabric away and cleaning up after projects. The shelves haven’t been dusted in a VERY LONG time. I need to vacuum….I’m thinking it might take a whole day to do it.

…and if I do that…I’m going to put the binding on this quilt…

I’m going to put the borders on this quilt…

I’m going to start sewing these blocks together…

I’m going to get more Tiny Nine Patch blocks sewn as well. They are so fun to make!!

But…NO FUN until the work is done! That’s my motto this week. I have other things on my list too including taxes. UGH. I hate them. Anyone want to join me in a NO FUN until the sewing room cleaning is done challenge? You can make it what you want. For me, that means the flat surfaces are tidied up and organized, shelves all dusted and floors vacuumed. You can decide what it means for you. Maybe just a drawer or two organized? Leave a comment if you want to join me.

I’ll give the recap about my weekend in the hospital in tomorrow’s post.

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  1. wow finally got this deciphered. !! On the last quilt that you are going to put borders on , is it the pattern that rectangles are sewn onto adding machine tape ??? And is it what you would call a scrap buster ? I am still wandering around with the names of quilts so I can do the research to get some basics for how to do them. It helps to know what to call things when i search through your listing on the right side of the page.
    It was so great to see the better news after getting the page deciphered. Hope the news will continue to get better for you.

    1. Martha W in WY

      What do you mean when you stated you got the page “deciphered”? If it’s the coding you saw, that seems to happen sometimes on the blog. If you wait a day it then is normal. We know it’s weird bit we live with it.

  2. Elizabeth V K

    I hope to join the No Fun… Challenge and get my sewing room clean and organized. Glad you are home to do what you want.

  3. I think I’ll halfway join your No Fun until the work is done. I sewed the blocks to a quilt yesterday that I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. I ran out of time to press them. So, I think I’ll have some fun and press them. That way I can set them aside, which is kind of considered cleaning or tidying. Then, I’ll tidy up a bit. My room isn’t bad but could use some reorganizing.

  4. I will be joining the No Fun until sewing room cleaned challenge! I am going to a quilt retreat in April and am working on gathering fabric and patterns to get everything ready to cut. I want to be able to just sew during the retreat. But first, that room needs an overhaul! Thanks for the motivation!

  5. Well, if it helps any, I’ll be doing the no-fun with my craft closet. So much gets thrown in there when there’s no room anyplace else! That or we’re just to lazy to actually put stuff where it belongs! :-D
    Even being home and cleaning is a blessing that I no longer take for granted – it means I have quilting and cross stitch supplies, I have lots of floss and fabric – I can get creative (or what passes for creativity LOL) and I’m still able to do it.
    Slow and Steady kiddo!
    Love and prayers

  6. So glad you’re home Jo. I should be cleaning my sewing room but I am in the middle of making several memory quilts for my family and I really want to get those done. I have piles of “stuff” all over the place and it is really getting to me. I really need to purge as well as clean. Neither of those is as much fun as the sewing part. Take care of yourself!

  7. Praying for a successful treatment and a speedy recovery.

    My goal is to make 10 gowns a week. My sewing room is a mess but I am good at looking past all that. Would it be helpful if I sent gowns directly to the groups you give them to?

    All the best to my Iowa friend!

    1. Hi Carolyn. I actually split them between two local groups. It’s okay if you sent them to me. It’s no problem for me to get the the group that needs them. I often have stuff I’ve found thrifting that I want to donate to them anyway.

        1. Jo, your sewing looks like paradise to me. Mine is 11 x 12, organized in totes, at last count , I think 47, mid suze to half that. To the ceiling, under work table/ ironing board, or just where they can be pushed around. There is a double closet, behind the sliding doors floor to ceiling, steel shelves “packed”, in antique pie safe, packed. In 2 v. Large on covered porch, on more steel shelves in the “barn”, shed that looks like a barn, floor to ceiling. There’s a possibility there may be some more totes in storage units since the house fire (November 2020), who knows… not me. Oct/Nov/ Dec, i did a purge/cull/re think of everything, have 4 totes of stuff to go… Can’t find anyone who wants it. Cotton, flannel, etc. I’ve asked/called, etc. It’s too much to send, but I will deliver. No takers. Taking up space in the ‘barn’. I live in a 14 x 70 ft, mobil home.i went frim 287 “kits”, I have assembled to 253. I sew 2 to 12 hours most days making tops, I tie them from 15 april to September sometime. Sell at farmer’s market 1 june to end Oct. Give away plenty, do a few baby, 45/50 x 55/60, throws any/all sizes, some full bedspread, mostly 110 x 130 and up sizes. I find quite a bit of cotton at goodwill, otherwise I buy on sale. I use up as much as possible, going down in sizes till there’s very little left. Any leftovers send to bestis in Florida for scrappy q’s. Right now a v. Lg , hundreds of pcs on the table. Next will be 4 of various sizes, & so on. Also have 11 in $tree baskets in the pipeline. Also knitting fingerless mitts & getting ready to pul out a wool hooked rug ( 7 x 9 ft, 12 yrears of work, original design), that the cat reversed hooked for me & has lived in a tote for 3+ yrs. I fully understand your desire to pull or 2 in your studio. I’ll send energy vibes your way all week. Hope they help. As to you mini 9’s, I’ve started my 1st scrap quilt, 600 5 x 5 houses, simple design. Houses, barns, coops, churches, synagogues, firehouses. Trees here & there, all in rows. It’s a hoot to think of various buildings. Take each day as you can, we (your community) are thinking and praying for you & your family.

  8. My goal is to start on Wednesday, right after I return from having blood work done. I have been away from my sewing room for awhile, and I miss it! Ordering the stitching alphabet just because I need to see it up in my room. So glad you’re home Jo!

  9. Joy in NW Iowa

    No Fun til the work is done! Oh, dear! I thought I had wrote your post for you! I have unorganized disaster to the max! Here a project, there a project, every where a project! Bleh! Then as I am reading your post, my thought was…it would be fun to just go somewhere for the day! Ha! I guess I will go have some NOFUN!
    I told my daughter I thought I would just donate all my old fabric and start over! Has anyone ever done that? After years of buying fabric kits I thought I thought were cool and I would get done….haahaa….now I don’t think those kits are so cool and sooooo??
    Have a good week Jo! I am glad your back home and hope you feel great!

    1. Just an FYI, Jo does auctions now and then on her blog, where she shows items, fabric and kits, and people can bid on them. I’ve sent several things to her and been very glad that someone else was going to enjoy them for awhile.

  10. From reading your post, you sound so much better. And yes, I will join you on your cleaning/ organizing challenge. I have plastic bins at end of a bed in my sewing room that seems to catch fabric that is intended for quilts or bits and pieces I can use for pillow cases that need my attention. The biggest area is my strap strips that have over flowed their basket and are falling in the floor. That most definitely needs the most attention…string blocks in near future. Have a great day and don’t overdo yourself.

  11. I need to accept your challenge – I moved a lot of things in the sewing room so that an air mattress could go in there for a family gathering and now I need to get things back to where I can get to them again. My sewing machine is still at the repair shop, so I moved my old one out where I can use it – it can’t do any stitches that require the needle to move from side-to-side anymore (and they don’t make parts for it now…), but it still does a nice straight stitch which lets me get to sewing again. I am so far behind and will need to start on altering costume for my chorus soon – I’d better get busy! Thanks for the challenge!
    SO very glad you are home and can hopefully get this chapter behind you!!!

    1. Gail I read about your machine not working or able to get parts for it. I sent my cousins to Linda’s Zs in Arlington Heights, IL for her cams for a Viking machine and she was able to get parts for it. Tele # 847 394-4590

  12. I’m confused as to why touching things in your home doesn’t leave them radioactive? I assume the levels just must be very low at this point and dissipate quickly.
    I very, very rarely have more than one project in the works at a time. I made 18 tops in January. February was a different story! I decided to use fabrics that I had from a collection called Evening Frost. I also had a panel from the line. The panel was very skewed/twisted and had to be cut apart. Anyway working on this has not been fun! Too many decisions, it’s 2/3 done. At this point cleaning my sewing room would be much more fun so I think I will do a bit of that today.
    My room isn’t usually too bad.

  13. I’m going to kind of join your challenge! My sewing room really needs some things put away or I can’t to any cutting or sewing. I’m glad you’re back home. I’m always happy to be back in my own place after any time away. Hugs,

  14. I pledge to take on your sewing room challenge. Who knows, I might find some long lost fabric to add to my other challenge…no more fabric buying, use up what you have.

  15. You accomplished quite a bit in the short amount time you had. I can I will join you for the clean-up except I’m halfway there – worked on it this a.m. I have a small room that is mostly dedicated as my sewing room, recently hubby was doing our vacuuming and he said “nothing more on the floor in there!” ha ha if he only knew. Sometimes one just has to have a messy place as they accomplish something. I just completed the blocks for a small quilt today, so will straighten things up tomorrow.

  16. Hi,
    I’m up for joining the cleaning the sewing room challenge. My sewing room looks like its in the same shape ( mess) as yours. Every time I plan on cleaning it, l end up finding a lost project and change to sewing not cleaning. I hope for better luck this time.

  17. Welcome home Jo! You look radiant being there with boredom behind you. I made a start on my “fabric room” last week as had to provide attic access for a plumber! Did find forgotten treasures (!) including a Grandma’s Garden started about 30 year ago – then I moved house and it was stashed. Had no more of the black but visited Spotlight store and found a close match. Now need to cut more paper – with old scissors!
    You will now be waiting for the dogs to get home for a reunion of sight and sound.
    Don’t overdo anything, tomorrow will come. Cheers, Dot.

  18. My husband and I are driving from DC to CA; we’re collecting a friend from grad school and bringing her back with us for a few weeks (she’s Roman and will be spending 6 months at the beach in Rome). She’ll be thrilled to help with my ‘de-stash’ clean-up event. In return she’ll get 3 [more] quilts for her children’s friends ……… works for me!!!! And, SO SO grand seeing you smiling! Still perplexed why no needlepoint time while in the hospital — please enlighten us as to ‘why’? (Or did I miss something)?

  19. Yes I’ll join in too. I do sweep under my sewing table ( my old make up table) that’s set up in the dining room. I do that every time I leave the area so the dogs don’t find a pin.Right now I’m sewing in a 3 ft wide by 3 ft deep area with my mini ironing board stretched across a plastic box of threads across to the kitchen counter. My scraps go into a ziplock bag right off. My husband wants the dining room back so I think I will start cleaning to the outside garage. I miss my old home…Glad you are feeling well.
    Hugs and prayers

  20. I have been busy with trying to get my embroidery flloss inventoried …what a chore. I find I really make a mess of my sewing are when I’m working on a quilt. When the borders are on and the binding made I take time to clean and put things back to where they need to be. Then onto the next project…

  21. Ok, I need this push. In the A.M., I’m getting my sewing room cleaned. My cutting table is huge and all sorts of things land there, so that’s the first area that needs attention. I’m going to set an alarm and see where I am in 1 hour. I’ll keep setting it an hour at a time until I am satisfied. I have quilt blocks on the flannel wall & I should hang a sheet over them to keep me accountable. Maybe we should all check in tomorrow with progress ?

  22. Would love to do the “no fun till the sewing room is done”, but my sewing room is great! Taxes…not so much. I need to do those too. May try to to just get started on them. Have a really busy week coming up with helping other people get their things done. So glad your treatment went good. Hope you don’t have the yucky side effects as bad this time.

  23. Well, Jo, you really cheered me up tonight. So glad you are home and can get back to doing the things you love! Also, the state of your seeing room made me feel good. I am not alone! lol!

  24. Glad you are home from the hospital! I understand you are eager to accomplish some tasks during your week off work, but please get some rest too, to help your body heal. I’m not going to join your NoFun challenge, because my sewing area here is too small to get messy (basically only a 24″x48″ table plus one shelving unit) and I did the taxes last week. So, I can go ahead with the fun.

  25. Dear Jo, So glad to read that you are home again after your in-hospital treatment! What a relief to check that off your “to-do” list. I’d join you in the clean up challenge, but am visiting a friend in another state, so my sewing room is far away. I did tidy up quite a bit before we left, so I’ll count that as my participation! Have a wonderful week getting back into your regular day-to-day life. Again, SO glad to hear you are home. ~Suzanne in Michigan

  26. I’m so glad you’re home, but I’m sorry for the boredom you endured while in the hospital.
    I’ve already been slowly cleaning out my sewing room some. I have so many antique and vintage machines to work on still, but some of my sewing group’s fabric is getting organized finally. Your post gives me encouragement to keep going with this in between sewing/quilting projects.
    Thank you for taking the time to post about yourself and your projects.

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