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I had a very busy week and thought I would get no quilting done but…if there is a will, there is a way. That was totally true of this week.

I feel a little impending doom in my life. At this point last time in my cancer treatment, I was feeling pretty crappy. Each day that I do feel good, I feel like I need to accomplish something. It was that way with quilting…and that way with other things this week.

It was Thursday afternoon when I finally got to the sewing room. Oh my. I had to get the 16-patch quilt off the longarm so I could get a donation quilt for the firemen benefit on the longarm. About 3 weeks ago I loaded the 16 patch on the frame thinking that having it on the longarm would encourage me to work on it. Sadly, there just hasn’t been time.

Then I realized that I would likely be in the hospital when the fireman’s benefit breakfast was being hosted and I didn’t have the quilt for the fireman’s breakfast finished. UGH.

SO…this week I had to get the 16 patch done and I had to get the fireman’s quilt done. Oh my.

Thursday afternoon I started on the 16 patch…

I got just over 1/2 done and ran out of steam. I figured I would be fine. I’d finish it on Saturday. Then my daughter Kayla called and she was bringing her family for a visit. Oh no. I was excited to see them but I had to get the 16 patch finished.

I quickly did a little tidying up and then ran up to the sewing room. I was trying to get one row finished before they arrived. I ended up getting two bobbins of thread into the quilt…I’d finish it on Sunday.

It turns out they left in the early evening. I cleaned up a little and ran upstairs hoping to get just a little more done. I ended up pushing myself and finished it.

It’s ready for binding…I love it so much. I’m hoping when I’m off work after my cancer treatment that I’ll get time to bind it.

My friend Carla messaged me Sunday morning asking if I wanted to walk the dogs. The weather was nice. I really wanted to but I really needed to get the fireman’s quilt finished. It was hanging over my head and I wasn’t feeling very good about that. I weighed the options…which would make me feel better. In the end, I finished the quilt and didn’t walk.

It didn’t take very long to finish…

I immediately bound it…

WHEW!! I million thanks to my friend Connie for making this quilt top. You were a life saver for me. I always donate a quilt to the town’s fireman’s breakfast. I don’t know if I would have gotten one done this year without you Connie. I so appreciate it.

I didn’t stop there. I took pictures of it and took it along with a quilt from the Cresco Ladies to my son-in-law Craig. He will bring them to the benefit the day of. WHEW…That is one less thing I have to worry about this week.

I did manage to keep up with my tiny nine-patch blocks. 22 more are done.

…and I cut about 50 more.

I’m pretty proud of myself for keeping up with the tiny nine patch blocks. At some point, I need to figure out how many I need. I have well over 100 now but I’m sure I need closer to 400. I’ll just keep plugging along.

I don’t expect to get much sewing done this week. I drive to Mayo Clinic every day this week for treatment and depending on how I feel, going to work in the afternoon. If all goes well, I’ll be hospitalized on Friday and will be there over the weekend. That means now much sewing can happen.

If I don’t write a sewing progress report next week, that’s why.

I’m pleased with myself for meeting the deadline…whew…and thanks again Connie!!

23 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I think your 16 patch quilt looks amazing! I hope all goes smoothly with your treatment this week. Safe driving, you’ll be in my thoughts.

  2. Your quilts are beautiful – the fireman’s quilt will be so appreciated by whoever wins it. thank you Connie for your helping Jo with it.
    Will be keeping you in prayer this week in your travels to and from Mayo plus your hospitalization this coming weekend.
    Love and prayers

  3. The 16 patch quilt is dazzling. I could stare at it for an hour.
    Best wishes for a tough week ahead and hope everything turns out the best possible result.

  4. Love your 16 patch quilt, you really should submit it to a magazine, it is wonderful.
    How kind of you to push yourself and get the quilt done for the firemen’s auction. You are a true giver. We could all learn from you.

    Take care, you are in my prayers.

  5. Mary Ann Mettler

    Wow – I am quite exhausted just reading this – you are amazing! Prayers for you this week and through the weekend plus I think there are diet restrictions coming up? Beautiful quilts by the way!

  6. Dear Jo
    Your quilts are so pretty and you are a dynamo for sure. God bless your travel and your treatment and God bless your recovery. You are a very dear person and your family and the quilt and puppy worlds need you to be healthy and well. God bless you in Jesus name. Amen

  7. I love the 16 patch quilt. It made me remember the boxes of left over HST left over from years of swaps. Hmmmm? Maybe I can make on too!
    I wanted to ask you what size you ended up for the Tiny 9-Patch blocks. I also have tons of blocks that might work for that. I have 1.5″ blocks that might would do for this!

  8. Your 16 patch quilt is stunning. Great job on both the push to get it quilted and the finish of the fireman’s quilt.
    You are so strong and determined in the face of your cancer treatments. Your optimism and planning will help carry you through what lies ahead. I admire all that you are and do, and how you are able to share yourself with so many others. Thank you for that. Please know how much I care.

  9. Your 16-patch quilt is beautiful! I am so glad you were able to quilt it and also quilt and finish the fireman’s quilt. It will be appreciated. You continue to be in my prayers for safe traveling and the treatment to be effective.

  10. Prayers for continued strength and good results with your treatments in the days and weeks ahead. Travel safely and so glad the weather is cooperating!

  11. Dear Jo, as always you are an inspiration to us all with you beautiful quilts! May God be with you on your treatment, trips and the stay in hospital.

  12. Your 16 patch quilt is beautiful and the fireman’s benefit will so appreciate the quilt. I hope the sale of the quilt makes them a lot of money.
    Will be thinking about you this week especially and please travel safe.

  13. Cheryl in St, Paul

    Jo, you are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your life and your family. God bless you as you continue this treatment. I’m praying you tolerate it well and that it does exactly what it should. Your quilts are beautiful. Pet all the puppies you can!

  14. Travel safe to and from treatment, you will be in my prayers for a positive week ahead. Love the fire men’s quilt, nicely done.

  15. You did an awesome job Jo- Praying the joy you give others will come back to you twenty times over. Praying you will find peace and comfort in the next phase of your treatments.Just take care of “Jo” and know you are well loved by us all.

  16. You are incredible! I don’t know how you accomplish so much.
    The quilts are terrific! Now I want to make a 16 patch like yours. You always choose such wonderful color combinations, and the resulting quilts couldn’t be better!
    I’m praying for comfort and healing during your treatments.

  17. Jo,you are such a giver. I admire all the charity quilt you give and the love of your family. Wishing you a very easy time in the hospital. I hope they are doing a better job of handling your meds and all meds work as planned.
    Our prayers are for you….

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