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I didn’t get to the sewing room over the weekend so the only sewing I have to show is from the little bit of time I squeezed out during the week. It’s totally worth it because I was able to see family. I’m getting closer to isolation time and before long won’t be able to be around the grandkids for a bit. I’m using my time wisely and taking every moment I can with them.

I am still diligently working on my Tiny Nine Patch Challenge blocks. I was so surprised. I ended up making 28 blocks!! WOW!!

Between meal preps in the evenings after work, I was able to cut out 100 more blocks. When the blocks are so tiny I can easily have 100 blocks in these four little stacks. A blog reader sent some fabric scraps and I immediately put the scraps to use and they will be in this quilt.

I love getting extra variety in my scrap fabrics. THANKS for sending them.

I got a few more seams sewn on my coin quilt but not enough to have a finished quilt top. UGH. I was hoping this would get finished this week. Alas…maybe this week.

That’s the thing with goals. If I don’t reach the goal one week, it can always be the goal for the next week.

Next week I really need to concentrate on getting the 16 patch half square triangle quilt off the longarm. No. I haven’t started it yet. I need to get it done though because I have a fireman-themed quilt top that my friend Connie made and gave to me to finish for the fireman’s pancake breakfast coming up the first week in March…Nothing like a deadline to put a little fire in my britches to get it done. It’s more important than ever to raise money for the department as they are trying to build a new fire station. Every little bit helps. THANKS, Connie!! I so appreciate it!!

I unearthed these wool pieces that I likely started way back in the 90s and never finished. I’m going to try to get the stitching on the top of the pieces finished before I go to the hospital. Then I’ll attach a backing to them and then take them to the hospital with me. I’ll do the final blanket stitching on them while I’m in the hospital. It will be an easy project to work on there and I don’t need them until Fall.

Anything I take with me to the hospital has to be packed away for three months before the items can be out in the general population and not hold any radiation from the radioactive iodine I have to take. Weird…I know.

Anyway…that’s what’s new here…not a lot but as always, I’m happy with any progress.

Craig, my son-in-law asked me if I have a blue and yellow quilt I might be willing to donate to an upcoming FFA fundraiser. He’s an alumni FFA member and was looking for donations. I only had one quilt come to mind…this one.

This is Blue Skies from Bonnie Hunter’s book Sting Fling. You can find the book HERE. I am not going to part with it at this time. This was intense piecing and I don’t want to donate it somewhere that I don’t know if it will actually bring a lot of money. I would be so sad if only brought $100. The quilt is beautiful and was way to much work to only get that much money.

So…I’m thinking about trying to get a quilt made other than this one. Hmm. Any suggestions on a quick quilt I could make for a donation that would be blue and yellow? Something that would come together fairly quickly….Something single bed to full bed sized…maybe a queen?? I don’t know. I’m open to suggestions.

That’s what’s new in my quilting life…

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    1. I agree. Disappearing nine patch blocks can be set together in lots of ways. Disappearing four patch quilts are also fun to play with.

      1. FFA fabric jelly rolls are on a great sale at GreenFairyQuilts.com for a couple more days if you are looking for something that specific.

  1. Disappearing 9-patch, either with larger patches at the beginning, or with 5″ precuts; then choose an arrangement that doesn’t require matching of seams!

  2. I’m working on a Bonnie Hunter Pineapple Blossom quilt. Once you get things cut out it goes together fairly quickly especially if you chain piece the blocks. You could use blue strips and yellow “blossoms”. With a yellow inner border and blue outer border you would need fewer blocks. I think it would be striking in blue and yellow.

    1. Forgot to add, I’m using 2″ strips but Bonnie also has directions for 2.5″ strips and with a bigger block you would need fewer of them.

      1. 3 or 4 strips, ( size up to what you have), cut to size. Snowball opposite corners. Makes stars when put together. Any size, any choice of colours, etc. I made 1 queen in 2 days. Of course chain piecing. Blue is my addition colour. Not so much yellow, BUT , I love the 2 together. Go figure. You in my prayers.

  3. Jo, maybe a blog reader could buy the quilt shown above and their check could be issued to the firemen fund as a donation. I believe you did this once in the past. You’re than contolling the acceptable amount. It is a beautiful quilt.

  4. Wondering if you have enough blue and yellow scraps to do another quilt? If not, drop me a note and I can send you some of mine.

  5. Judith Fairchild

    How about a sunflower quilt baby quilt or a 60″ by 60 inch nap quilt for an older child. Blue and yellow sounds so up beat.

  6. Jo, if you don’t mind giving the quilt up put a $350 price on it and offer it for sale on your blog and facebook (If you have facebook). My church quilting ministry has a sale every 2 years on a Sunday morning to make money for supplies. This is the price we would ask. Nobody quibbles about our prices if they want a quilt and we have sold a lot of quilts over the years.

  7. How about your “Meet me in the Middle” quilt? The background could be a white or blue and then the middle strips are blues, yellow, golds, etc.

  8. Villa Rosa designs has a pattern called Bear Hugs. It says use fat quarters but they are then cut into 2 1/2 strips that are sub cut, so I used a whole jelly roll and made it bigger. Extremely quick to cross cut using a stripology ruler. Extremely quick to chain piece, quilt top finished in just over half a day. So any yellow and blue 2 1/2” strips from stash can be used, easy to make more blocks to increase size. The quickest and easiest quilt top I have ever made.

  9. I have donated several things for our local FFA chapter. What I found that works really well is to get a couple of their chapter or state FFA T-shirts and use the logo for the center of a nice size star block and make pillows. Everyone can use pillows and they will pay a decent price at an auction and you don’t spend too much time or supplies on the donation.

  10. When I need a large (big double/smallish queen) quilt quick & in a hurry, I always whip up a “Turning 20”. “Yellow Brick Road” is a good one, too, tho it takes more FWs for a large quilt. Good luck – can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  11. If you make a quilt Jo, I think make it an extra long twin (that’s what size the college beds are) or a longer lap one so a tall youg man can cover himself on a couch.

  12. So many good suggestions for you to think about. I am sure you will come up with the perfect design for a quick quilt. I like the quilts you have made for Iowa schools (with yellow), the HSTs are easy especially if using some bigger sizes. It is good to see your progress on your projects.

  13. Hi Jo, I cringed when you showed the blue and yellow quilt and mentioned your son-in-law was asking for a donation. Then you mentioned maybe only raising $100 for the quilt which was beautiful. I have the same reaction when donating a quilt, even for a worthy cause. I have been donating quilts to a yearly dog trials and a few years ago had thought to ask how much money was raised by the club with my quilt. They had been doing a raffle sometimes referred to as a Chinese raffle where you buy tickets and drop them into containers for individual items. When I was told “maybe $100”, I cringed and said I wouldn’t donate another quilt, but would rather just donate a $100 to the group. We later were able to arrange a special raffle to coincide with the trial. 200 tickets were sold @ $5 each with the drawing to be held during the trial. 2 years in a row now the dog club has been able to raise $1000 on each quilt I’ve donated. I feel that’s a win-win with my time and money going to a cause I support and the organization making a good amount of money. I wanted to share this idea because so many quilters do donate quilts and rarely is amount equal to our time, fabric costs and quilting costs. But, I will say the club doesn’t sell raffle tickets but rather asks for a “donation”.

  14. My first thought was Yellow Brick Road too, I have also made one that is like the blue and yellow one made from half square triangles. There is a free pattern on Jordan Fabrics, called Just Triangles. I also made Turning Twenty quilts for my nieces. They loved them. They go quickly and you can use scraps. Whatever you make will be lovely.

  15. Jo, stop thinking about making a blue and yellow quilt to donate. You have way, way too much to do before you go to the hospital. Please think of yourself first, and don’t add to your pre-hospital stress by working too hard. Perhaps there is a person out there in your blogging audience who has the exact quilt that they would be willing to donate to such a worthy cause, just to help you out. Please ask first before trying to do too much. You are the hardest worker I know, and you always think of others before yourself. Switch that around just for the time being and save yourself some work.

  16. How about an Arkansas Crossroads quilt? Or possibly a Churn Dash if you want to go more traditional? Both are easy to make and would look lovely. The Crossroads would use up a lot of scraps and the Churn Dash would use up more yardage than scraps (unless your scraps are fat quarters or layer cakes). Hope this helps! Deb / California

  17. How about a simple Rail Fence? You can adjust to whatever size strips you already have. Possibly your daughters could share some of the load if you’re determined to make a donation quilt. Each of you could make a third of the blocks.

  18. I recommend Boxy Stars from Bonnie Hunter’s free patterns on her website. Goes together very quickly.
    BTW, I love your blue and yellow quilt—and all your quilts!

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