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I had a busy week. I’ll tell you more about it in another post.

I did get into the sewing room on the weekend. This post might be a little boring for you all reading this as it’s pretty much a repeat of last week’s post.

My sixteen-patch half-square triangle quilt is still on the long arm. I haven’t put a single stitch into it. I likely would have but…

This little girl likes to pull and tug stuff. (She also likes chewing chair legs. Oh the joys of puppies?!) I didn’t want the batting or quilt top to be hanging down and have her bite into it and rip it. It is not worth it. It can stay on the long arm for an extra few days. Leia does have good applications in, we’re just working on a few more things before the final decision is made on which home she is going to. She’s a pretty good girl but she does like pull anything that is hanging. Sunday I was doing some organizing and had hung a couple of shirts I plan to cut up for fabric over a chair. She immediately saw them, pulled them, and almost flipped the chair over…just typical puppy behavior.

But…I didn’t want to risk my quilt top so I decided to try to finish up making my navy nine patch blocks and just flip the top over so she couldn’t reach it.

I got 67 finished. YAHOO!!!

All of the blocks and finished and hopefully next week I can start assembling them.

I also working on my Tiny Nine Patch Challenge quilt. Here they are mid-process.

I got 14 made this week. The goal is always to get ten so I was extra happy to have 14 done.

I put the newly finished ones with the old and I now have 64 blocks made. I have no idea how many we’re supposed to make. I am still excited about this project. That’s good because it’s supposed to be a year-long project. Oh my. One week at a time…right?!

I had planned to get the third coin quilt sewn together but I looked up at the clock and I needed to quit for the day.

As Scarlett O’Hara would say, tomorrow is another day.

I’m guessing that next week will be more of the same in the sewing room for me. I’m hoping to get the coin quilt together and figure out some backing fabric for them. I want to get my Tiny Nine Patch blocks made. Hopefully, I’ll start longarming the 16-patch, and dare I hope to get a few rows of the navy nine-patch quilt together?? Who knows how much time I’ll have or how I’ll feel? Right now I’d be happy to just get one of those things done. I do need to get the 16 patch off the longarm though. I have another quilt that has a deadline that needs to get on there soon. Fingers crossed I make some progress.

8 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I love seeing how your quilts all come together! I’m guessing you’ll miss Leia when she’s gone, she’s such a character :)

  2. Judith Fairchild

    I don’t have pets for several reasons. 1 is I use a walker and you know how pups behave when starting in a new place. 2 I will get charged for having one in the complex I live at. So I’m thinking a bird or fish. Haven’t decided yet. Enjoy your pup while you have her. I hope her new family gets all the pieces out together quickly .

  3. Glad you stayed one step ahead of Leia. Puppies are puppies and most love to chew and tug. Your small pieces are coming together so good. Getting 14 done in one week is wonderful. I hope you continue to feel good so you can little by little make progress where you want.

  4. Jo, I see a can of spray starch in one of the blog pictures today and wondered if you regularly use spray starch when piecing your blocks. Thanks

  5. All progress is good progress! You got blocks done on two projects. And are organized to move forward on longarming one top and assembling your Coin top. Lots of “atta girl”s coming your way.

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