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I got a some sewing done on Saturday and squeezed in a bit throughout last week.

I made some progress on my Pineapple paper pieced blocks.

I have 17 done now.  I figured out that if make only 7 more….then I’ll just have 200 more to make.  HA-HA!!  Aren’t I “cruising” along on this baby!!

I am loving the piecing though.  I know for sure that more paper piecing projects are in my future.  I am so thankful for the bright scraps that have been gifted to me.  Right now the gifted bag of goodies that is truly coming in handy came from Ila’s friend….

In the bag of crumbs were these awesome little purple triangles.  I am guessing they are leftovers triangles from making flying geese.  They are working wonderfully and I love having them.  I had very little purple scraps in my mix so these have been perfect!!  THANKS so much for sending these little gems my way.  I am happily sewing them into these Pineapple Crazy blocks.

I have always loved the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.  I’ll take on “junk” like these little scraps anytime because they truly are a treasure to me!!

I worked alternately trying to piece on my Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt in between Pineapple Crazy blocks.   Actually I forced myself to work on this because I wanted to be sewing the Pineapple blocks!!

The plans for this are to go to for a graduation present.  I am way ahead of schedule on this one but want to keep trucking along on it to at least get it all together as a top.  It’s made with shirts.  Currently I am not real excited about it.   I am thinking a red inner border and blue outer border might jazz it up because right now it’s a bit blah.  I am open to suggestions and comments.  In fact please send along some suggestions to make it more appealing.

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10 thoughts on “What I’m Working On”

  1. Throw in some more red shirts in your shirt quilt and it will look totally different. I’m up to 40 Pineapple blocks and can’t stop. Like eating potato chips.

  2. I just love the pineapple blocks, I may have to try that one myself. I save all my cut off corners and it looks like I might be able to use those small pieces on this. I have use some of these cut offs for crubly stars but I really like the pineapple. good luck.

  3. LOL Jo, I posted about my Pineapple Crazy today! How fun! I love playing with those itty bitty fabrics.

    Love your Scrappy Mountain Majesties! I think a red inner border would be perfect with the blue outer border. Maybe a chunky scrappy blue border??? Anyone would love to own that quilt! Lucky graduate!!

  4. Look at you!!! I love the pineapple blocks. When I think of all the little pieces I tossed…. so my collection is slowly on the rise. They really look lovely… keep it up!

  5. I am loving your pineapples and the plaid quilt! If you know who will be getting this wonderful plaid project, what about sewing the person’s names in plaid letter for the top, or middle or bottom….and then you might like it more? PS I don’t think it’s ‘blah’ at all!

  6. I love your blocks. I was thinking of making one…but, was wondering about the size of the block? I haven’t ordered the book yet…and, if I do it would mostly be because of this pattern. Would you mind sharing with me the size of the block?




    I would throw in a few brighter reds and maybe some greens and yellows??? I actually think it is a beautiful masculine quilt. Once you put those borders on you described I think it will be a really cool quilt that any man would love to have.

  8. I admire anyone doing a pinapple block quilt, I managed 5 blocks before I caved. I think your Majestic Mountain quilt is coming together great. I love your little splashes of red and when you add that red inside border it will really look nice.

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