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I didn’t get much sewing time at all. I tried to get to the sewing room all week long with no luck until noon on Sunday…

Then the first thing I did was drop the box that had my little pieces in for my Tiny Nine Patch blocks. I dropped these and the container also had a bunch of cut out pieces. What a mess it was.

Even with the set back, I ended up making 15 blocks. The goal is to make 10 each this week so I’m over goal instead.

I have 50 made so far. YAHOO!! I have lots more cut out.

I got 56 of the navy/neutral nine-patch blocks done.

I’m hoping that maybe next week I can finish these up. I have 165 done and need 220. I’m getting close to finished.

My little foster pup did a good job hanging out with me in the sewing room. Her big brother went home earlier in the day. I didn’t know how she would do in the sewing room but decided to give it a try. Happily, she napped most of the time.

I wanted to get as many projects as I could be moved along. I decided to see if I could get one of my coin quilt tops sewn together. Not only did I get one sewn…

I got two sewn. In the photo below the outer border is looking really orange. It’s actually a peach color.

That leaves me with two sewn together and one more to sew together. That’s not bad.

Considering I was only in the sewing room for a few hours on only one afternoon, I’m happy with the progress I made.

My 16 patch half square triangle quilt is still on the long arm. I didn’t find any time to work on it.

Who knows…maybe next week.

I do know I need to finish it because I have another quilt with a deadline waiting in the wings…and now my two coin quilts waiting too. Sounds like my life…hurry up just to wait. HA!!

Hope you all had a great week sewing. Please share what you’ve been working on.

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  1. Wow Jo you really get a lot done in a short time.
    I was wondering if it was safe to leave your longarm sitting on top of the quilt top?
    My longarm leaks a little oil from the needle after a few days. I always leave it off to the side and put a cloth in between the needle and throat plate.
    Good luck with your upcoming hospital stay.

  2. I decided to clean out my sewing closet and found a couple of quilts that have been languishing there. finished crayon box finally. i fell and broke both legs a year and a half ago so no sewing for quite a while. also found the breast cancer ribbon quilt i started while doing treatment! just celebrated 10 years cancer free so its time to finish this. all in all good progress.

  3. I finished my blocks for a quilt called small talk by kitchen table quilting. I have a quarter of the rows sewn together, 3 more to go!

  4. Good Morning,
    I was at quilt camp a few weeks ago and a gal I met there said that she loved organizing. Oh my, I said, would you help me organize my sewing room. So she came to my house and we started organizing, that was one afternoon. Any free time I have I am continuing to organize, all 1 1/4″ strips in one container, 1 1/2″ strips in another container, seems that I’m prepared to make a log cabin. Then folded pieces of fabric are put in shorter containers standing up so that I can see each fabric. Each color has its own container. That is what I’m working on so there is no sewing going on here. She is coming back one day this week to help again. So I need to get as much done as I can before she comes back. I know that since I’m organizing I’m missing out on valuable sewing time (winter), but I needed to get those piles off the floor.

  5. A very worthy winter project, Lori!

    My time last week in the sewing room included some straightening up too. Not enough but a start. If I can finish cutting and sewing another sampler block and get a mini quilt basted for hand quilting today I’ll be very happy.

  6. Good morning Jo!

    Have scrappy batik “Jewel Box” quilt loaded on my long arm. This was my January DD. Have my February DD already done (3-yard quilt i cut out a while back) and ready to quilt. Even had time to use scraps to make matching tote. This set will be for hospital. Our comfort quilting group makes totes to go with quilts so patients will have something to carry home quilts and other items acquired during their hospital stay.

  7. I have spent time auditioning fabrics and cutting 40 pillowcases with cuffs and accent strips so I will be ready to sew them soon. Also pressed enough fabric to piece backs for two queen size quilts. One back will be quite scrappy to use up some 2+ yard pieces that have been lingering on my shelves. The other back will be a 6 yd and a 3 yd piece. I also started a youth size top with alien spacemen and bright colors that play well with the alien fabric. Lots of things to do!
    You got a lot done in a short amount of time. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. I’m sewing charm squares together for a little boy quilt and getting ready to make a simple, but pretty batik quilt. I love Villa Rose pattern cards that sell for $2 and I accidentally bought 2 of the same pattern. I gave one to my friend and she made it so now I’m making it since I love hers so much. We are kind of in a limbo right now trying to sell our Texas winter home and I’m afraid to start too much. Always something isn’t there?

  9. Oh wow, Jo, I think you did great for the few hours you were able to spend in sewing room. So good that the puppy just napped so you could do some sewing. I finished making dolls and other things last week and put them in mail. I finally pieced a backing for a BOM quilt I made. Today I finally sandwiched a small quilt and started quilting it, after too many other domestic chores.

  10. Not any machine sewing here. Broke my wrist and jacked up my shoulder recently. Tomorrow I see the doc to know what the plan will be.
    Good news is I can cross stitch! I ordered a needlework stand, hoping to be able to use it as a holder and train my left hand to do other hand work.

  11. Those quilts are really nice Jo. I’ve always wanted to do the coin quilt. You’re a very productive quilter. My husband tells me I procrastinate too much but I hate the seam ripper more – lol-so I study a pattern and then try to fore- think it.

  12. Jo, you have inspired me to get some UFPs done. So far, 2 small cross stitch projects have had final stitches added (one became a small pillow), and all my fleece blankets (about 12) are ready for Project Linus day. I have started cutting 2.5 inch squares and have some 16 patch blocks done. I am not the fastest, but am so pleased with the progress made. Take care of yourself and thank you for the inspiration.

  13. Over the weekend I finished binding the “flamingo” quilt I am making for a friend who loves flamingos. Next, using 5″ squares, I made 20 “pop top” squares. I am deciding if 20 is enough or do I want to make a larger quilt. If so, I need 15 more. Then I sewed the binding strips together and began binding a purple and teal quilt. This week we have two batches of company arriving (in FL for the winter) so it’s housework time!

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