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I had plans throughout the weekend so I knew that would cut into my sewing time so early in the week I made a goal to still try to get as many projects as I could just one step forward. Luckily on Thursday, I had few interruptions except my foster puppy and I made good use to the time.

I’ve been working on my blue nine-patch quilt. I got 60 more blocks finished. YAHOO!!

I also got all of these segments made. I’m getting closer to having these blocks done. I’m hoping in about two more weeks I might have a quilt top….or three. Who knows?

I worked on my tiny nine-patch block challenge.

These guys are tiny. With the challenge, we are supposed to try to make 10 each week. I got twelve done. YAHOO!!

Better yet, I got a bunch more cut out for those weeks when I’ll be behind.

I got further on my 16-patch half-square triangle quilt… This is a UFO a blog reader sent me. She had sent 36 blocks and I made the other 64 blocks. It’s been an easy and fun project. This week it was time to put the border on.

Ila, my blog reader and friend, was so sweet and sent me some backing fabric. I ended up loading the quilt on the longarm. I haven’t started stitching on it…soon I hope.

That moved this project further along too. I was really on a roll.

I thought I should stop and do some cleaning. I’ve not done any in the sewing room lately and it desperately needs some. So I told myself 15 minutes. Just do 15 minutes. Jo, you be so thankful if you do. HA!! Joke was on me!!

I put about five things away and oh wow!!

I found another row for the baby-sized coin quilts I was making. My plan was to make them with 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ bricks that a blog reader had sent me. I was going to make the rows 17 bricks long. I would need six rows of them and the quilts would be around 44″ square. That seemed like a good size. Once I got the rows all sewn together, I realized I had 15 rows of coins. That would be enough for 2 1/2 quilts. I could make three more rows of coins but I’d have to drag out fabric and cut coins. I just wanted the project to be done. I would use the extra rows as part of the backing.

BUT…then I was cleaning and then I found another row. Oh Jo, just grab the bucket and cut enough bricks to make two more rows of coins and have three quilts. And, that’s what I did. So much for my 15 minutes of cleaning in the sewing room.

Well…now I had enough for three quilts and as long I was thinking about this, why not get the rest of the pieces cut out?

So I dug through fabric and found some things that might work. I’m always so happy when I can make thrift store fabric work!!

I have everything ready to assemble three girl baby quilts. YAHOO!! That was awesome.

I’m hoping next week I’ll have time to sit down and get them sewn together. At this point they aren’t a high priority as I don’t know a lot of people who are pregnant…but it will be nice to have some on hand so I won’t have to panic and come up with something quickly.

I also pulled out my Hawaiian Sunset quilt. I cut some border pieces but I forget to take a picture of that.

Considering I didn’t think I’d have much time for sewing this week, I did pretty well. I’m so happy with the progress. I have a couple of things I’ve been thinking about making or sewing but until I get a few of these projects finished and the sewing room tidied, I’m holding off on starting anything new.

That’s what I was up to. Now it’s your turn to share. What had you been working on?

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  1. I pieced several blocks for a king sized quilt in the “Simply Woven” pattern. I’m using many different greens with a white-on-white vine background. It’s my “fill in” project. I marked a small quilt with Baptist Fans to hand quilt, sandwiched and pin basted it, and did the first two fans. I also found a perfect pattern for a piece of fabric I’ve been holding for years. The fabric is a print of orange/peach roses, and the pattern is called Roman Holiday. I’ll use a light orange tiny print and a moss green for the pieced blocks. I’m really looking forward to this one – I love the roses print.

  2. I’m sewing charm squares from 2 packs together for a small boy quilt. It’s just a simple quilt as I’m very busy right now. I’ve cleaned and sorted fabrics for a week now and I think I’ll make a cute quilt out of batik strips next. I’m so impressed with what you’ve shown today, these quilts are so pretty. Some day Jo, I’d like you to show how you make HST because the ones you make are always perfect. I have a friend who needs help (me too).

  3. Cynthia from Nebraska

    I finished all the birds in the Sparrows quilt (many thanks to the reader who encouraged me when I felt stuck about the colors) and sewed them into rows. Next will be cutting out sashing but that won’t get done this week. I also did about half the binding on another quilt!

  4. I’m working on a scrappy quilt that also uses some panel pieces. 29 blocks to go and then I can start sewing rows together. Working on this project as a winter Texan, sometimes in my RV and sometimes with a group in the clubhouse

  5. It puzzle season so I have been spliting my time between puzzles znd quilting. I started the year determined to “clean” up remains from 16 charity quilts I did for Christmas. I’m also going through my stash and grabbing 1-3 prints for quick 40-50″ quilts. I have already completed 15 quilt tops this year and a 2 sided table topper that covered a 48×64″ table.

  6. I’m also doing the Tiny 9 patch challenge. It is fun, for sure, but I do sew slower when handling those 1” blocks! I’m also sewing ahead on my 9 patches for it because I *know* there will be weeks when I won’t get to them. It’s going to be a darling quilt.

  7. After Christmas, I started cleaning my sewing room–putting things away, dusting and vacuuming. I realized I needed to rearrange my work space so I moved furniture around so the room got a much needed all-over cleaning. Since then, I have used some 5″ squares to start 2 baby girl quilts and have cut the pieces for 2 baby boy quilts. I too would like to have some quilts in reserve for gifting. My TV time has been spent crocheting a baby blanket, again as a reserve. It feels good to have my sewing room in better shape!

  8. So much good progress made. It sure makes a difference when you can spend most of a day in quilting room. I am ready to get back to quilting. I have been making toy-type things for great-granddaughters. These have included two dinosaurs, two dolls, a doll sleeping bag, a doll blanket, a squid, and a dog that is to be wrapped around one’s neck. Oh, they needed aprons, which I make from kitchen towels, so ended up making four of those. The box gets shipped tomorrow, so back to my quilting projects.

  9. 3 projects.
    Sewed 6 stars for a panel quilt now to complete it.
    Sewing 2” blue squares together to make 25 patch,
    Have many hour glass blocks to trim, so doing 6 every time I pass the dining room table where I parked them.

  10. The triangle quilt is beautiful–I love the red border! I’m working on a wedding quilt that is half-squate triangle stars. I’m hoping to work on that over the weekend.

  11. I’m working on squares for the Bohemian Heart quilt, quite a challenge since it’s my first real quilt with triangles and stuff. I’m so jealous of your thrift shop fabric scores — I’m a dedicated thrift shopper, and have never found anything remotely usable. Usually it’s an escape from a bad reupholstering project or 100% pure stretchy polyester that even grandma didn’t want.

  12. I’m, working on a reds and beige star quilt .I have been quilting for 36 years and have never made a star quilt all in triangles. I’m loving it .12 triangles and 4 corner squares. Easy Piesy.!
    Jo, you inspire us to do more, many Thanks!

  13. Jo, are you doing the small size in Mini Challenge? Oh boy, that’s really small. I want to get some cut out to use as Leader/Ender but can’t decide what size I want to do. May or may not do the small size! Then I will begin! Oh today I found that I had the 2019 August Issue Of American Patchwork Magazine! Whoo hoo! I was so glad! It was a great day, it will,be greater when I get into cross stitch more. I have the Stitch along pattern! Time, time, time! Lolo!

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