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I thought I was going to get a lot of sewing done this week. I got a decent amount but my dog fostering got in the way of really accomplishing a lot. That’s okay. People and animals are first always.

Last week I told you that I had found some already cut-out “bricks” 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ pieces. I don’t have any girl baby quilts on hand so thought I would make these into a baby quilt. It turns out that I have enough for two baby quilts. I am making simple coin quilts. All the pieces are sewn into strips with 17 pieces in each strip. Nothing exciting but something that will be nice to have finished and on the shelf in case I need a girl baby quilt.

I had really thought I would get my 16-patch half square triangle quilt finished. I did get the center finished…but the top still needs borders.

I have them cut and the binding cut but that’s as far as I got.

I got nine more of these nine patch blocks made. I have more strip sets sewn and they need to be cut into segments. This will likely be my next quilt to put time into once the 16 patch is finished.

Right now I am only sewing them as a leader and ender project…thus only the nine blocks done last week. I did sit down and purposedly sew the strip sets. I’m out of center strips and need more.

I also worked on the Tiny Nine Patch Challenge quilt. I told you a little about it last week. I am not hosting it. There is a free pattern. You can learn more HERE.

The intent is to make 10 nine-patch blocks each week. I will follow along loosely. I might make 18 one week and zero the next. I have to keep that flexibility in it or I am doomed to fail. I have 23 finished and a group of 12 started. I hope I can keep that momentum and not have this stall out. I’m terrible with sew alongs so who knows?

I found a piece of white fabric at the thrift store. It wasn’t priced. I asked how much it was. The lady said $4. I paid my $4 and took it home. I don’t use white very often but for $4. I might find a use for it. There are over 20 yards of fabric. YAHOO!!

I doodled at work. This might be a quilt someday. Who knows. I kept the doodle and hope to get some time with EQ and put it into that program.

That is about it from the quilting department. I don’t foresee a lot of sewing in the week coming up. I have lots of family things I’m squeezing in…and I still have one puppy here left. Hopefully, he’ll find a home soon.

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  1. You certainly keep busy with the little time you have between kids, family, and pups. Plus just daily chores around the house!
    Can’t wait to see what comes of your doodle!
    Love and prayers

  2. When I saw the measurements for the scraps you have, I thought of another use for them that is quick and easy. A potato chip quilt. You have probably heard of those. They start with two 2 1/2″ by 4 1/2′” strips sewn together. Then you go around those with your strips in log cabin fashion, using the same size strips. The lady who long arms for me was working on one when I dropped off a quilt. She showed me how to do it. There are tutorials on line if you are interested. Fun and uses up jelly rolls or scraps. Prayers are always with you for a speedy recovery. Bless you.

      1. Cynthia from SW MN!

        I am going to do a potato chip quilt as well! I watched the two blocks variations, I think there is a third one too. I watched it on YouTube! Looks like fun and a great way to use up scraps!

  3. Judith Fairchild

    I got that kind of buy sometimes ago it was a multi colored striped fabric. I made curtains quilt backing and several other things. It’s fun to get surprises like that.

  4. What a score for $4!! I checked out men’s cotton shirts at Goodwill, $8.99. Too much, for sure. May have to wait for garage sales to start again.

  5. You accomplished quite a bit, but not as much as you wanted. The quilts you have started will all be very pretty and interesting. What a deal with the fabric! I am surprised you only have one puppy left. They sure went fast.

    1. Toe leaders quilt looks great. My take on picture is the center is 2 x 2 ( finished), & outside ring are rectangles. Love that. Makes a traditional style look so interesting. I’ve drafted a drawing with that in mind. Since blue is my fixation colour, guess what colour it might be!!! Thanks, Jo, love your “working on”, posts. I’m blessed with time to just sew to my limit. Family doesn’t visit, doggos are soon 10 & quite placid, Rats the cat has attitude but assists when his mood stricks! Continue with your life as you want it to be, & fight off what you don’t want. You’ve been very successful to date.

  6. That’s an interesting “doodle”. I used to do that at work too. They all look like fun projects. And you did get a great deal on the fabric. Hope you are thawing out up there. We had snow- none of us expected to wake up to the ground being covered.My dogs love it but my cats are not impressed by all the coldness.
    Take care and Blessings

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