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I had a few extra hours in the sewing room this week. It was GLORIOUS!!

I had plans to do so many things and I did get a lot done but not as much as hoped. I got distracted with kitting a couple of cross stitch projects, a wool Valentine project, and a reorganization of my wool and foster dogs. So much to squeeze into only a few days. I did my best to get plenty of sewing time though.

I started with finishing the longarm work on my Oversized Flying Geese quilt. Then I bound that quilt…

You’ll see more of this at a later time. Right now it’s a -35-degree wind chill and I’m not going out to take pictures!! HA!

From there I was kind of floundering. I had two projects that I wanted to work on…but which one??

I ended up making the decision to work on my nine patch blocks. I wanted to see where I was at and if I needed more strip sets sewn. I ended up getting all of the blocks that have blue in the corners done. Now I just need to do all the blocks with neutral on the corners.

That was nice to move that project further along.

Next up I hoped to make some decisions and work on my sixteen-patch half-square triangle blocks. It was time to make some sashing decisions.

I initially thought red and then I remembered my daughter Kelli always saying I always use red…so I dug some more and found this gold. I went with the gold.

Here the rows are hanging on the long arm. Oh, I was loving this. Then I looked and hated the bright teal triangles. Can you see one in the second row from the right just a couple of blocks above Izzy?

For the most part, the quilt is primarily reproduction prints. You can tell from the first photos. That teal just stuck out. I went through the rows and counted. There were five of them.

I just knew that later down the road I would kick myself if I didn’t take them out of the quilt. So I did. I went through, removed and replaced the five teal blocks. It was not a reproduction fabric at all.

I got sashing strips made…I did make the cornerstones red. HA!

This is where I stopped when the foster dogs came. It’s harder for me to be in the sewing room when I have foster dogs. I try to do more things on the main floor of the house when I have dogs here. There are just so many things in the sewing room to temp dogs that aren’t used to the sewing room scene…and I don’t trust them on the main floor by themselves. I do have the option of kenneling them but I hate that.

I got into some other trouble in the sewing room…

I was looking to consolidate some containers and ran across these pieces…Oh my. I need a girl baby quilt for a girl at work who is expecting so I thought why not make a coin quilt? These would be perfect. I’m going to start sewing them together and see how far I get…or I might try to make a dog quilt for the baby…Hmm. Either way, I’m going to get these sewn up and put into a quilt.

…and rabbit hole!!

I also jumped on the bandwagon to make this quilt…The sew-along technically doesn’t start until today but I made a couple of test blocks. You can read more about it in THIS BLOG POST that I wrote on Saturday.

I told you that I also did some wool reorganization. I did and that left me having to deal with a mountain of scraps that I haven’t been paying attention to. These are all pieces that blog readers send or goodies bags I bought at the thrift store. None of it has been cut into strips. UGH. Why oh, why have I waited so long to deal with this??? UGH.

I decided not to complain and take it instead as the perfect project to tackle while I had foster dogs. I could be on the main floor of the kitchen and cut away.

As of writing this post, I’m not done but I did get quite a ways along. I’ll finish it up tonight after work I think.

I had a GLORIOUS couple of days off. I was living my perfect crafting and sewing life. I complain about Iowa winters but man, I love them too. There is nothing that needs to be done…no flowers to water…no grass to mow. There is just time to sew.

18 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. I just love everything you’re working on!
    I’m trying to get organized so I spend less time figuring out ‘what i need to do’ and more time ‘doing it!’

  2. Dear Jo – I found you on YouTube and have enjoyed “sewing along” with you while watching your videos on my iPad. I’ve found that my Chihuahua “Frida” will stay on the couch ( instead of coming to my sewing room and staring at me) if I put you on the TV. . I think it’s something to do with your voice. I hope you will film more quilting “Sew with Jo” videos in the future- it’s like when my friends and I sew together on Zoom so fun and informative. I have learned valuable skills from you ( color sorting for one) by watching your YouTube videos. I’m buried in UFO’s at the moment and am trying to organize them, but flying geese are something I would like to learn more about in the future. Love you! Linda

  3. You were right to take out the bright blues. Sometimes we just got to do things like that. Otherwise, it would keep bothering you. I love it with the gold sashing, too.

  4. Wow! You made a ton of progress! You have me so tempted to start the nine patch quilt but I really don’t want another project. I’m trying to concentrate on finishing some that are already here!

  5. I am so glad you share your life with all of us. You are an amazing Lady. I am starting a 9 patch quilt this year after seeing yours. Take care of yourself.

  6. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Gotta love the rabbit holes!!! Been watching the folks in Iowa going to the caucuses in that bitter cold! Looking forward to seeing your new foster dogs…you are so busy and accomplish so much!

  7. Love the gold sashing. Good choice to branch out a bit and then add your red in the cornerstones.
    You got so much accomplished. I think it is more than 100% OK to jump from task to task, project to project. I believe it sets things up for the next time you are ready to sew. Projects organized, strips cut, options for a quick sew or immersing into a bigger project. It is actually a great use of time and energy. Way to go, Jo!

  8. Love the gold sashing also. It is -35 here today also. I actually have not been outside for several days! I don’t scoop so why go out? I guess we should live in a shouse so Jay go just stay warm to get the tractor out. The schools around here have had a lot of snow days! Today is their fourth!
    Stay warm!

  9. Jo I love the Tiny Nine Patch Challenge but could not find the link to the free pattern. Love all the things you are working on. Never a dull moment for you. Stay warm.

    1. I am having the same issue. I don’t have an Instagram account though so I am wondering if that is why it doesn’t come up for me. I checked out her blog and Instagram account and didn’t see it.

  10. I liked seeing your progress on all these quilting projects. I like the gold sashing, but also would have liked the red. This is certainly the year for cold weather. Iowa is very cold. Michigan is colder than we’ve seen it since moving here 5 years ago. I’ve been amazed how cold Texas and Arizona have been – since I have family in those states, I kind of watch their temps. I really feel for dairy farmers in cold weather.

  11. The link to the 9 patch sew along doesn’t work as it goes back to your post which didn’t connect or compose correctly. You did make lots of progress!

    1. Jo, All of your quilts are just beautiful. I agree, the gold sashing was a great choice and, as much work as it took to fix, those turquoise triangles would have bothered you. You get so much accomplished in a day. Very inspiring!

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