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A blog reader messaged me and told me I missed last week’s What I’m Working on post. I did…but honestly, there wasn’t much to sew. My projects are all in the boring stage. HA! It’s true though.

Then I ended up down a rabbit hole. I was going to pull out a UFO but got distracted when I stumbled upon this UFO wool applique project from 10 years ago!!

I ended working on that a bit. You can find the pattern for it HERE.

I had been working on my Smores blocks. I finished the inside blocks up. Here is the last one I trimmed up.

and have to regroup and start making the edge blocks…that didn’t happen though. I ended up pulling out this UFO.

I sorted and sorted and ended having this stack of blocks to start me out. This is UFO from the blog reader that sent me some amazing UFOs. These were 16 patch half square triangle blocks. There were 36 completed ones. There were some triangles that weren’t sewn together too. I sorted through them. I want the quilt to reproduction fabrics or fabrics that blend well with them so a few half square triangles for sorted out.

Then I dug through my parts and pieces drawer and found some triangles that could be cut down….I was only about 1000 half square triangles short of what I need. HA!!

So I got busy…

I cut out over 1000 half square triangles…

So now I have three different buckets. One with finished half square triangles…one with sewn but needs to be ironed half square triangles and….

…and yet another bucket of ones that need to be sewn. I sewed just over half of them…then I got distacted.

I went to Cotton Cabin Quilt shop over Christmas break. I will tell you more about that in another blog post. Well anyway, I got this book.

In the book was this quilt…

It’s just a blue checkered quilt. Nothing fancy at all.

But…there was something about the simplicity that I liked. AND…I had this stack of blocks in my UFOs.

They used only muslin for the white…mine were mixed neutrals but that was okay. They used the same color of blues…mine were different and that was alright too. Theirs finished at 1″ and mine will finish at 1 1/2″…that’s okay too. The quilt just sparked an idea.

Now the idea was there…to heck with my half square triangles…I was diving into this. AND…I had an idea. My daughter Kelli was coming home for the day on Thursday. It was late Wednesday night just at bedtime when this all come into my mind. I would wake up early and I would sew as many strips together as I could right away in the morning and have Kelli help me cut them into strip segments and do the math to see how many I needed. She is always a good sport…and she missed sewing. So we worked together.

I found out I have 132 already finished traditional nine patches. I think Kelli said I need 211. I have zero of the reverse nine patches…and I need 210 of those. Kelli cut many all the segments I had…and then we cut more strips.

I have a stack of them sewn together and that’s were I ended my sewing for the week.

I could spend a half of day ironing the strip sets, the half square triangles and cutting the strip sets. Hmm. Maybe Kelli needs to come over again. HA!!

So that’s what I’m up too. Everything is boring and repetitive right now, but that’s okay. It’s just what my brain needs. I’ll save the complicated quilts for another day.

16 thoughts on “What I’m Working On…”

  1. Now I want to make a blue and white quilt… You’re such an influencer Jo!
    Looking forward to seeing all the beautiful things you create in 2024, Happy New Year!

  2. Yea for stitching time with Kelly. You’re right up my alley right now. The mottos:
    1. Just Do Something
    2. Whim of the Moment

    Both will be terrific quilts :-)

  3. You have good starts on both quilts. How fun to work with Kelli doing this. My daughter and I had fun sewing together when we lived near each other. Have fun!

  4. Looks like lots of fun and you moved a few things forward. Excellent way to close out the year, especially the time spent with your daughter.

  5. I really like the blue and white quilt. Just finished a postage stamp quilt, mostly civil war reproduction fabrics. I did mine with strip sets then made 4 patches so I didn’t have to make two different sets. Look forward to what you do in 2024, always an inspiration. I’ve done the appliqué quilt to but needle turn appliqué not wool. Look forward to what you will do with all those triangles.

  6. Good for you – you really did get a lot accomplished, even if it is the mundane part! And you had quality time with Kelli!
    My machine is still in the shop so I’ve turned to cross-stitch. I finished a small piece, “Winter”, then pulled out a Christmas piece that I’ve had for years and never kitted up. I should finish it in time for Christmas 2024!

  7. Jo can you tell me more about the smores blocks please. It looks like it require a special ruler. I have the smores blocks I have seen on previous posts. Thank you in advance for any info you can share.

  8. I have a blue and white Irish chain in my ufo pile as well. It’s mostly done and once I complete the current quilt I should make that my next goal. But I have two other hst based quilts that are in the ufo pile as well. I really like hst quilts lol. Another year has arrived and I get yet another chance to knit a pair of socks each month. Lofty goal. I’ve never succeeded yet. Thank you for sharing your life journey with us. I like details because I like to offer them up when in prayer. You have many praying for you. We all care about you and consider you a friend. One prayer for you is for that fact to bring you comfort at times you are feeling sad, or worried, or any kind of negativity. May we all be able to see the many ways God blesses us in the coming new year!

  9. Recently on IG Linda Collins shared a postage stamp quilt that was set on point. It was lovely. There can be so many decisions even for simple quilts!

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